Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

·         The power was out for a couple of hours last night. That was actually kinda fun.

·         Once again, I went to sleep later than I meant to last night and I’m super sleepy today.

·         Judy made a comment about a husband and wife doing house repairs side by side. I can’t tell you how good it is to conquer the projects together. I love spending time with him and really love working alongside him.

·         I kinda ran off without my make up bag this morning. I didn’t discover this until we were half way to work. I seriously debated whether or not to turn back and get it. It almost seemed ok to go into work 30 minutes late with makeup than on time with none on. I just know this will be a day that the big bosses decide to drop in, I come across some big time movie producer, or I’m photographed for a news story. THAT would be my luck.

·         Of course, my sweet husband makes sure to tell me how beautiful I look even without make up. I’m pretty sure he’s working on husband of the year.

·         Did I mention how sleepy I am? I mean….incredibly sleepy. I would do just about anything for a little nap right about now.

·         I got a Scentsy candle as a thank you gift for a photo job I did last year and have been actually turning it on the last several days to try to cover the paint smell…. I really really like that thing. Anyone know someone that sells the wax squares that go in those things? I need want more.

·         I finally watched the double rainbow video last night and laughed out loud. It was greatness.

·         I also took a recommendation to listen to a podcast called RISK that is done by the NPR and it was really funny. It’s a bit edgier and less held back than their normal stuff.

·         This week the flooring gets replaced and the water well gets fixed (finally) at the Decatur house.

·         We’ll also try to finish up the kitten’s rooms hopefully before they get home this weekend at the new house.

·         ….and maybe I’ll get more sleep in before they do get home.

·         Night.



mzchief said...

Silicone Alley sells Scentsy Candles.

Robin Phillips said...

Have to say, it was nice to finally meet you on Sunday. I know it must be awkward for strangers to introduce themselves to you...
Anyway, I have a really good friend who sells Scentsy...you can go online and order the bars or bricks.

I try to keep essentials in my console, just in case. Eye shadow, mascara, lipstick...would Barry flip if you stashed make-up in the family truckster? :)

Kat said...

Thanks for the suggestions, y'all.

And yes...I do think keeping extras in the truckster is an excellent idea! I even mentioned that this morning...."What's wrong with me to not keep extras in here or at my desk?"

Robin, it was great meeting you too...and that precious kiddo of yours was incredibly well behaved during the performance.

Robin Phillips said...

Thank you, Kat...she is one of a kind!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that sells that stuff.