Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Thoughts

·         Monday? Ick.

·         I am exhausted. I think I over did it this weekend…BUT I got rid of more furniture, went through more stuff, worked both hold over performances this weekend and spent quality time with my sweet husband.

·         We went to bed nice and early last night and I still work up feeling like I’ve been up for two weeks.

·         This is going to be one of those tough kind of days…..unless the coffee at work comes through for me – then it could get better.

·         I took advantage of the Craigslist this weekend. I posted a piano that an past office manager/friend gave to the girls and me. I was very happy to have come across a couple from Fort Worth that were interested in it.

·         We met Sunday morning and loaded it up on their trailer. Yay – it’s gone…THEN they sent me another email last night relaying the excitement their kids showed when they brought it home and thanking me. They were REALLY sweet. That made me happy.

·         I also used Craigslist to post a dresser. The guy I gave it to – was helping out an employee of his, which seemed very nice of him to do. When they came to pick it up I saw a home repair sticker on his truck. I had him look at the water well that hasn’t turned on for some reason. He found a box that wasn’t getting electricity to the well. He’s replacing that today…..and the labor to do it is really cheap – giving him a dresser might have helped that out a little bit.

·         I even used Wise County Classified to find a new home for my big dog. I was prepared to not like/approve of anyone that showed interest, but the couple that took her were very cute. They have a 9 month old baby that wanted a kid friendly gentle doggie. They had a husky for 19 years and had to put it to sleep. Mallie was on her all time best behavior with them. She even fetched a stick that the husband tossed several feet away…..and brought it back. Stinker…she never did that with me.

·         Last night our little mutt howled and cried all night. He misses his girlfriend. He is going to drive me crazy. I should probably call them back and see if they would take him too.

·         My feet are overdue and ready for a pedicure. I’ve been putting it off because of a foot injury that I received in Jamaica.  Dang sand volleyball….but we won that game.  The injury is still a little sore –but the bruising and swelling seems completely gone.

·         The play is over. It’s that happy-sad time where you are ready for it to be over but you don’t want it to be over because you won’t get to see your friends as often.

·         Off380 Players held auditions over the weekend for the next seasons plays and I didn’t go since I am now living in Fort Worth. It would be way way waay to hard to act in a play in Decatur/Bridgeport with the kids going to school in Fort Worth. But I have to admit – I’m a little jealous over the sweet friends that were cast in plays.

·         So now, back to just getting the two houses situated. One to sell and the other to settle down in. That should keep me busy for a little while.

·         Tell me when it’s Friday, ok?


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