Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lunchtime Quickie

· I’ve already mentioned this before….I think, but….. I jumped off a cliff. It was kinda scary-fun. I almost didn’t do it. I turned around to chicken out and heard a guy lean over to another guy and say’ “Looks like we gotta choker.” Other guys says, “She’s a girl – what do ya expect.” So I turned back to face the cliff, looked back at them to give them a glare and did what any girl would do……I jumped.

· Crazy part? (Yes other than actually jumping off a perfectly good cliff…..) After the jump, I make it through the crowd back to my husband who was going to video the jump…..and he didn’t video it. I don’t remember why…..I think I was still in shock from jump. That’s a heck of a fall! So, I forgave him on the spot, sucked up my fear and did it again…..that time he did manage to get it recorded. (Link is actually a friend’s recording….I’ve still got to upload and then post his video…a verbal exchange between himself and someone walking in front of the camera and about to block the view of my second jump is pretty funny.)

· I would like to state for the record that I’m not quite sure that the screaming heard in the back ground is me. There was an extremely large crowd gathered upon the cliffs to sit and watch people jump….there’s a really good chance it was someone else screaming at the exact same moment that I jumped…..and just happened to have stopped screaming the exact moment that I hit the water.

· I have a strong craving for some sushi. I think it’s been well over a month since I have gotten to eat any. I’m wondering if I can talk the ole’ man of mine into Sushi on our Mexican Food Date Night……

· Oddly, just seconds ago I had the passing A.D.D. thought of trying to remember how long it’s been since I sneezed and was happy to imagine my allergy season had passed. I’m on a sneeze-less streak. I just sneezed…..three times in a row. Streak over. Maybe I should go ahead and dig for that allergy pill afterall.

· I hurt my foot in Jamaica playing sand volleyball. My foot still hurts. I got it x-rayed a week and half after the incident because it still hurt at that point…no broken bones. Yay. But now…22 days later – it still hurts, I still can’t bend my toes all the way, and you can still see a knot where the injury is…..I’m wondering how much longer till this thing heals? “Is this gonna last forever?”

· We’re renting a Uhaul truck this weekend to bring the last little bit of my stuff from the old house to the new house. Do ya think the hubbie will let me drive that thing? It’ll be just like driving an 18 wheeler. Do those things come with CB radios?

· The painting at the new house is soooo getting close to coming to an end…I can almost see myself putting the paint brushes away for a long long time! (Did you catch the context clue/foreshadowing I used with inserting the words “new house” in that sentence?) Well, that was the case until the husband reminds me yesterday that we need to think about painting inside the Decatur house that will be for sale extremely soon. Shaking head….dangit…he’s right. Ugh…more painting.

· The kittens both wanted two walls one color and two walls another color in their rooms which seemed like a neato of an idea until you get to the part of painting in the corners where the two walls meet…..not an easy task.

· Tonight’s experiment is going to see if I can make paint magically disappear off of carpet where we got a little accidentally crazy/sloppy.

· The kittens have been gone for two weeks and FINALLY come home this Sunday. Is it Sunday yet? I sooo can’t wait for them to see everything. Yay!!!

· We are on a countdown of 17 days till the Girl’s Trip to Disney. Eeek! 17 days? I’m gonna board a plane WITHOUT my sweet husband’s shoulder to sob on in 17 days? I’m gonna have to put on the best acting in my professional acting/modeling career EVER and be calm for the kittens? I’m gonna need to stash some travel size booze in my purse.

· Speaking of counting…..I’ve been married for a whole 33 days and I haven’t gone crazy yet…..errr, or driven him crazy yet!

· Today my sweet, kind bosses ran late for a meeting before lunch and decided to hold it at Chili’s. One of them came back telling me how great that hot brownie with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup was. I’m considering a strike….with picket signs…..that will only end when I get chocolate.

· Wait…my yearly review comes up next month. They were very generous to me last year (and that was after hiring me at more than the pay of my last job.) Maybe that Chili’s dessert isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

· I’ve been absurdly good in staying away from chocolate. I miss chocolate….I need chocolate….cho…co…late. Anyone gotz 75 cents they wanna lend give me?

· Gotta go.

· Happy unsweet Thursday.


Propagandist said...

When you both start out crazy, there's no "going" crazy 'cause you're already there.

Kat said...

You make a very good point, Propagandist. We resemble that remark.

Propagandist said...

When both of you are crazy, it's all good. Keep that on the down-low since my spouse thinks I'm the only one, in our marriage, who's crazy and they're a saint for putting up with my brand of crazy. We don't want to be bursting anyone's bubbles around my slanty shanty. :-}

Anonymous said...

I just watched that Cliff Jump and I peed my pants a little...there is NO WAY i would do that...

mzchief said...

Jumping off a cliff once is CRAZY. Jumping off a cliff TWICE makes you certifiable.


I am terrified of heights. I have only stepped out on our second floor deck 5 times in the 15 years we have lived in our house and have never been to the railing. Typically, I close my eyes when I ride the ski lift.