Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

  • It's Wednesday again? Already? Good grief. At least the week is getting better than how it started.
  • Saturday's shuttle bus drive from the airport had me experiencing some major motion sickness. I was almost unable to battle it.
  • Sunday I got up to leave for the matinee peformance of Tuesdays With Morrie except my car was dead. Completely dead. That would be reason #1118 on why I am thankful for my husband. He got it started....and I should mention it was facing forward in the garage.
  • Monday, well, I already blogged about that. I think you've heard enough.
  • Tuesday was still recovery from the day before but did end well. We got to play with some paint.
  • Now here we are today. Wednesday. Today the little one has The Dentist appointment, and she is not a fan of that at all. Not one bit. A certain little munchkin has two little "sugar bugs" in her little mouth.
  • We did plan some fun around the appointment, though. We went to McDonald's to play and snag a Happy Meal and after we are meeting Nana who is delivering a couple of critters...a certain baby turtle and one little fish.
  • Big girl is being a trooper - she brought a book and is actually being sweet and supportive to the little sister.
  • I've always felt so lucky on how well they get along with each other and play together and look out for each other....over the last few months they've discovered they are actually siblings and have decided they are probably supposed to argue, pick on each other and drive me crazy.
  • Can we all just go back to being four or five years old? That really was an awesome age. Between birth and twelve - I'm pretty sure it's my favorite.
  • On the way to work yesterday, I stopped at the corner store for some breakfast and the little clerk noted my ring and mentioned how gorgeous she thought it was. I beamed and boasted we just married almost three weeks ago. She gave a very sweet congrats and gave back a shrugged shoulders of, "Oh, well, I just had a baby." She said it as if my event was so much more over the top exciting than her own. Bringing a human being into the world for it to gasp it's first breath ever.....yep totally boring.
  • I've now been sitting and waiting for little one's appointment to be over with and I'm having trouble sitting still. She actually cried and did not want to go with the nice little nurse.
  • They gave her some happy "feel goooood air" to help her relax. This place really smells of that stuff. I need out of here. I wonder if the Denti Fear is hereditary.
  • All of a sudden today the "r" key on my laptop is being a little finicky. It's driving me crazy. I have no doubt that I've missed a few r's.
  • The dentist is also pulling a baby tooth that was stubborn....that should make for great show and tell at home.
  • One week off from work and my desk is still overflowing. I've also had trouble getting back into the groove after last week. It was awfully nice to walk around for a week with my sweet hubby and not keep track of time, emails, shipments, purchases, vendors, payroll, work orders, drawings.
  • Now five hours later and the turtle and fish have found their way to the new house. I guess its really official when you move the critters in.
  • Pic above of turtle not actual turtle that moved in. Our Shelby was too jet lagged from the journey to pose for a picture.
  • Now, the laundry to put away, another car load of stuff is put up and the house is kinda quiet. I think I hear a pillow or two calling me and a certain wonderful hubby.
  • Adios until tomorrow.

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Judy said...

Cute pic of turtle!