Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Working Thoughts

  • Someone at sent an email to me asking for my help on an issue with our phone system. I have no problem helping out, but they closed the email with ….. or please forward this request to another IT member if you cannot assist. Someone outta tell this guy I am sooo not IT….if he really knew me he’d giggle at the thought of me being that smart.

  • I actually had to help someone turn their computer on this week after a power outage at our plant. I kept waiting for laughter on the other end of the phone as I was explaining where the on button was. Nope. They were serious.

  • What was worse than asking how to turn it on, was actually having to hang up the phone and go across the plant to his desk to show him how to turn it on. Sheesh.

  • Two guys at work….one Hispanic and the other Vietnamese argued over the pronunciations and meanings of Queenland vs. Quinlann. It was pretty funny listening to them argue over who was right…..they both have extremely thick accents…..and I’m not referring to a Texan accent.

  • Our Vietnamese guy was eating an “Asian Hamburger” today and I did a double take and said, “What the heck is that?” He said it is just like an American hamburger. I looked closer and asked what was inside of it. He said it had ham and mushrooms and some other vegetables. I had to explain that our hamburgers generally have cow meat in them and not actually ham like pork. He thought I was pulling his leg.

  • Our next discussion was over more of his frustration towards the English Language…going back to the pronunciations, spellings and meanings…such as, Arkansas vs. Kansas. He’s not too pleased of the different pronunciations of the “Kansas” part of those two states.
    I knew he can speak different languages and asked to remind me what all languages he can speak: Vietnamese, French, Russian, German and some Spanish…..oh and, English. Good grief, we have some guys that seriously struggle with just the English language.

  • Speaking of guys that struggle….I kid you not, we have a guy that talks and sounds exactly like Boomhauer from King of the Hill.

  • Time for Friday workings to be over…….


RPM said...

I used to date a girl from Greece that spoke 7 languages. I always felt self conscious because other than English the only language I can barely speak is Spanish (and very little of that).

Anonymous said...

Before long, we'll all have to speak Spanish here in Northern Mexico...