Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesdays Thoughts

·         I’ve turned into a painter. Three rooms to paint in the new house and furniture getting moved in, moved around all over the place. I really can’t wait until the dust is settled.

·         I’ve concentrated on the new house so much that I’ve neglected the old house. My grandparents are coming through on Wednesday to pick up some furniture. We’re extremely close to having that place cleaned out. Painting on the inside of it is also on my agenda, after giving it a great big scrub down. Hopefully, the lawn service company (Shout Out to Champman Lawn Service in Decatur) has conquered the forest in the back yard and have it all looking nice and pretty again.

·         I have a couple of bushes that I planted and one of them is supposed to be really pretty once it gets a bit bigger and blooms. I’m tempted to take it with me and replant it.

·         I can’t wait for the kids to come home and see everything we’ve done while they’ve been gone. I’m sooo hoping we can pull off having everything put away in its place before they come back.

·         I miss the vacation. I need a beach/pool, some shade, a refreshing drink, some music and no clock or to do lists.

·         The radio was making fun of Tiger Woods again. I almost feel bad for the guy. Almost.

·         The play Tuesdays With Morrie is being held over for two more performances this weekend on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.  If you are interested in acting or helping out in any of the productions there are auditions being held this weekend also. Information is at the bottom of the page on the linked site.

·         I am having the worst trouble getting facebook to change my last name. I’m almost getting a little frustrated. I do understand that there are trillions of facebook users and I do appreciate facebook taking on the task to approve all name changes to keep people from putting goofy names like myspace had. The update profile/change name section warns you that facebook will approve the name change request and it may take 24 – 72 hours. It’s been 3 weeks! I did the next step of emailing facebook (which is not easy) two weeks ago and still…nothing. Ugh.

·         I may have to start a cause on facebook – “Someone at Facebook, Please Approve Kat’s Name Change Request”.  Hmmmm….at first I was kidding….then again…might not be such a bad idea.

·         I’m betting that Lindsay Lohan stays in jail for 34 days of her sentenced 90. That’s my bet.

·         Ok – on with the Tuesday.



BeKeen said...

If 34 days is your over/under on LiLo staying in jail I will take the under for sure!

Propagandist said...

Are you freakin' kidding me? My Facebook name is Prop A Gandist and they didn't give me any bullshit about needing approval. I guess "Green" is closer to being a bogus last name than "Gandist." As soon as I can figure how to get my blog to post to my Facebook page, like that genius chick Crazy Texas Mommy, I'll be all over the Facebook blogging. Until then, I'm on vacation.