Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Thoughts

·         Average newly married woman gains an average of 18 pounds in the first six months after the wedding. Sheesh…I’ve lost that over the last five months. I would go insane if I gained every bit of it back!

·         Then again… sweet husband loved me five months ago….hmmm, that’s it – send over my two favorite men, Ben and Jerry.

·         I saw on the news channel that Sara Palin daughter’s was proposed to by the father of her child. My mother, sitting and watching the same show actually said, “Well, I guess her and the Baby Daddy were meant to be after all.” My mother said that. Those words came out of my mother’s mouth. That made me giggle…. pretty good! For you to really appreciate that – you have to really know my mother. I freaked out once as a teen when she said, “Well, that sucks.” I couldn’t believe she used the word “sucks”. Actually, I’m still a little shocked. My mother is extremely smart, close to perfect and typically doesn’t use slang. It was pretty funny when she said that.

·         I have had a rough time lately trying to decide if I should or shouldn’t let a comment here or there go through. The last couple of them have been about MzChief and AnObiter – I’m hoping they looked at those comments and blew it off - as in that Anon person is nuts. I feel pretty good that goofy comments like the ones I let through don’t really phase MzChief or AnObiter. They both seem as though they are pretty tough and intelligent.

·         I heard on the radio that the BP fix to stop the leak is still holding up unless the sea floor cracks? That doesn’t sound good at all. ….then the d.j. on the radio brings in a fake bubba sounding Sea Floor Fixer Company spokesperson. It was pretty funny.

·         Yard work was horribly hot yesterday. My sweet husband showed up to help and brought a cooler full of ice and bottled water. Yep – best husband ever.  He thinks of the little things… keeping his wife from killing over from over- heating.

·         I’ve now hired a lawn boy. Well, it’s actually a Lawn Service Company and I have never done that before – but the back yard got complicated.  And that’s complicated in a very very tall way.

·         Hey – Go See The Play Tonight (or tomorrow, or the next day – or all three)!!!!!



Propagandist said...

Gaining weight sucks because you just end up working your ass off to lose it.

First time I heard my mom drop a "damn" I was so shocked thought I was going to piss myself.

Anytime I see some dumbass anonymous commenter take a poke at AnObiter or Mzchief I shake my head in disgust at the pettiness of some people. I'm pretty sure, both of them are amazed by the attention they get from strangers. AnO probably rolls her eyes and I'm damned sure Mz gets a twisted sense of accomplishment for being able to piss off people just for living her life.

Girl, you're doing it wrong. You're suppose to be the one bringing water to your husband while he's slaving in your yard.

Anonymous said...

The funniest part of the "sucks" story is that you were so appalled that I explained that I heard the word on Roseanne. You said, "Mother, Roseanne is NOT your role model."


Judy said...

Let the comments go through. Then we will all have the pleasure of MzChief ripping them to shreds, chewing them up and spitting them out....all with a smile on her face. :)

AnObiter said... girl Mz and I can handle it. Sweet of you to wonder about us though. =) And good luck with that yard!!!

Anonymous said...

You know those were your panties Obi.