Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Problem, Man!

  • The nice wonderful week in Jamaica is almost over. We are passed the hump day and on the downward spiral.
  • I have a heaping amount of dirty clothes, a jammed and bruised foot and I miss my kiddos.
  • It's been awesome hanging out with friends, soaking up the sun, jogging on the beach, trying new things to eat and just absorbing the worry free attitude that seems to linger in the air.
  • I'll miss the smell of the ocean, the reggae music playing everywhere, and housekeeping. (They put a flower on the pillows everyday when they make the bed and sweep the buckets of sand from the floor.)
  • Soooo.....what's Jamaica like?
  • Well, let's one we stepped out of the airport to board the shuttle bus and we're a little bit worried to see a fierce hurricane like rainstorm greeting our first look at the land. It didn't last long but had me worried that our week would be spent trying to find something to do other than lay by the water.
  • We made it safely to the resort....and good grief, the ride was a bit longer than I thought it was.
  • The temperature here has been around 90 for the high and the lows about 75-80 all week. There has been a couple of very short rain storms each day, but only long enough to cool the air off and leave that good rain smell in the air. It's not as hot here as it is back home, but I feel like I've sweat a gallon everyday. (Yep, I've consuming the water like crazy!)
  • The people here rarely smile - which is very odd to me. They walk slow, tell you good morning - but they mostly seem to solemn in all they do. Oh...and they are not, I repeat NOT, in any hurry at all! I though they spoke pretty much only English - which has the thick accent and spoken kind of quickly, but they also have a different language of their own....and I can't even begin to describe it. Sometimes it seems like they are yelling something fierce at each other and I'm just waiting for a fight to break out. It seems tense.
  • Daily activities mostly consist of some sort of excercise for the two of us either at the gym or running the beach to start out with. We've taken advantage of an empty hamoc, a beach side chair, and hanging out at the pool. We've played sand volleyball (which can get mean and serious pretty quickly), Barry went deep sea fishing with the guys and I went with the girls to do a little shopping. He didn't catch anything - but I came back with a bag full of treasures for two certain little girls back home.
  • We went with a very large group on a catamaran for a three hour party tour of the reef and a set of caves. The party boat had a slide on it and I actually pulled out some ole' high school diving skill of sliding down upside down head first and pulled off a beautiful - and almost splash free - dive for a huge cheer from the crowd. It was almost my greatest moment here. I loved the slide - it was great! This thing was almost about thirty foot drop. Loved it!
  • Tomorrow we head off for one last excursion to a restaurant named Rick's Cafe that sits with a view of a cliff that everyone jumps/dives off of. Barry gave me the stern look of "Don't you dare jump off that thing!" (I'll let you know how the jump was! tee, hee, hee)
  • Now it's off to sit by the beach and rest an injured foot. I might have had a bit of a collision during the volleyball game yesterday. I feel pretty good that it's not broken - but man, oh man did that thing swell and bruise like crazy.
  • More later!
  • Enjoy your.....wait...what's today?


ashley said...

Rick's is a beautiful place. I'd leave the cliff diving to the locals if i were's pretty steep! Take lots of sunset pics, thats what they are known for! Food is good in the restaurant!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are having a good time.