Monday, July 12, 2010

Late Thoughts Monday

  • I woke up this morning and got ready for work. I realized vacation was definitely over. I wasn't deciding on which pair of flip flops to wear to breakfast instead I found myself trying to decide which diet microwave pasta bowl to take for lunch. Ugh.
  • Next was waking the kittens up before the crack of dawn to get them where they needed to be on the way to work. It felt like such a cruel act.
  • And of course, working means no nap after lunch....or does it?
  • So, lunch was eaten while working on payroll, while also battling a problem with our phone lines.
  • After lunch....I started not feeling so well. It was a gradual onset that led to a very violent eruption starting at my tummy and ending with me kneeling before a porcelain structure that I could have promised my soul to if it could put a halt to the maddening act.
  • .....I guess there's a reason why I read of a warning not to worship false idols. Those little suckers don't come through for ya.
  • I was a thankful at that moment that there was still a house in Decatur with one lazy boy chair recliner waiting with open arms to comfort me in my time of pain.
  • The nap was rough...but it was still a nap. When I awoke I found a couple of kittens to take with me to the new home. I wasn't sure I was going to make the drive....but did.
  • Thankfully, upon our arrival at home sweet home, my beloved knight in his shining armor (that resembled a nice suit) was standing tall to come to my rescue and battle this horrible monster. He appeared with a little cup of pink solution.
  • It worked....little by little.
  • Now, what on earth could have caused this horrid event?
  • After much investigation and deliberation we deduced that it was a pasta bowl that was consumed beyond the use by date.
  • Ick. I'm still shuttering at the thought of what I went through.
  • I guess they little dates mean business, huh?
  • What a Monday. At least I got my afternoon nap one more time.
  • Now the kittens are snuggled in bed and I'm thinking I could use some sleep too.

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