Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Lunch Thoughts (finally)

I have been a bad bad blogger this last week. I actually blogged while in Disneyworld and then I haven’t since. Bad me. (Thanks, M!)

I had a ton of cleaning last week to catch up on, two suit cases full of dirty laundry and then a first week of school to get through. I cannot tell you how much paperwork is involved at that school district. I’m not sure I even filled out this much paperwork last year.

The older kitten is taking a couple Pre-AP classes this year. I read the curriculum for the math class and they are going to cover two years of math in one year. Over the summer the band students from her new school were given summer scales to work on with incentives if they learned the scales. Sheesh, these scales are not easy at all! Poor thing has a ton of homework for the Pre-AP classes and has a lot of catching up on in band.

I should share with you that I’m getting fat. Yep, I ate waaay too much in Disneyworld. Thanks, a lot, Mickey Mouse and your goofy meal plan.

Annnd, I have the biggest pimple EVER!! It’s incredibly huge.

At least the marriage is still going well. I think one of the vows was to love me even if I’m not so pretty looking.

We have now been married for 66 days. My, my how time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday when we walked down that isle.

The old house is still almost finished. It’s been painted on the inside and looks great (nice job, Mark). It’s now waiting on new carpet to be installed, then it will get a final scrub down and be ready to sale. I can’t tell you how mentally hard it is to pay a mortgage on a house that I am never at. At least the electric bill is nice and cheap.

I had my mother and her sister over to the new house Sunday for dinner and cards. I actually pulled out the family china, which I think I’ve only used once before. It was fun having them over….I made a yummy pot roast and the kittens made a yummy cheesecake for dessert.

I was also a little distracted last week finishing up reading Bend In The Road by the same guy that wrote The Notebook. Good grief I cried like crazy at the end of that book. The only thing that really bugged me was that the story teller kept referring to one of the main characters as a sheriff instead of a sheriff deputy. It drove me nuts throughout the entire book.

Now I need to find another book to read.

Having two adults in one home sure does makes things a bit easier….especially when that other adult is actually home, involved and helping out. Big difference.  

I’ve got a craving to cook a chicken pot pie….where did that come from?




RPM said...

Is it chromatic scales? If so they get easier the more you know. It's just a logical step from one up to the next one. At least it was for me learning bass cleft.

Anonymous said...


When r u due??

Judy said...

I just remember the Mr.commenting on your FB. "Fix me a chicken pot pie, woman!" I thought of the movie, The Breakfast Club!

Judy said...

Oh, and my Hubby loves to see me chow down! Mind you for some reason, I don't gain easily, but my waist line has gotten a bit bigger since the hysterectomy. (Everyone told me that would happen. :()
Anyway, I complained and he said, "Babe, if you gain 25 pounds, I'll still love you.....but no more than that!"
Now wasn't that sweet. ;)