Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's an Animal Kingdom kind of day

Shoot, I meant to wear my zebra print top today. Ugh.

Animal Kingdom says they have more coaster and scarier coasters than the other parks. I'll let you know if we find that claim to be true. Well, two of us can attest, while two other fraidy cats can't.

As part of our resort there are busses that run all day to all the parks. You can be at any of the parks within 20 minutes...well, so far.

We still have both water parks and Epcot to check out.

We have dinner reservations to eat at The Castle in Magic Kingdom with the princesses on Thursday and a restaurant named Tokyo in Epcot for Friday lunch (sushi) 

The breakfast reservation with Mary Poppins was awesome. We got a ton of autographs from several characters. Food wasn't too bad either. It was at The Grand Floridian resort.  

Here we go, time to get wild.......

(once again I forgot to post )

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