Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a blizzard out here

Well, ok maybe its hot as hades here, but we are going to Blizzard Beach today so maybe the heat won't be quite so horrible.

It's Thursday, we have three days left. I'm sorry  to sound sappy, but oh my how I miss my husband extremely bad. I no longer care that he snores and talks in his sleep. I also crave to hear his loud laugh.

But most of all I long for a long, warm hug from him.

Sigh....ok, time to get cooled off with some water slides.

Update during lunch:

I'm hungry, this place works ya out. You can take a chair lift to the major slides but the wait for that is extremely long. Your next choice is the stairs.  There is a lot of them. I mean alot!

We've still had a major lucky streak here with good service, not a long wait on lines and the ability to hit up all the major/big rides early.

Somehow we hadn't had any melt downs yet either. We have had our share if slight grumpy spells but their usually associated with heat or lack of energy that shade and a cold, refreshing power_aid drink usually helps pass pretty quick.

We timed our trip around a dinner special that started the day we got here. It has so many meal points and so many snack points. We are way under on both. They divide out to be 3 dinner points and 2 snack points per person per day.

Our dinner at the castle takes 2 points each, but we've used a snack point for a smaller breakfast twice so we have extra. An ordinary dinner here for a family of four can range from $80 to $150. That's without alcohol. Yes, paying for food here can make you go broke fast. Oh, and don't forget to tip your wait staff.

I will say that it OS not normal to find a staff menber in a bad mood or not willing to help out someone.

Every employee has where they are from on their name tags. They are from all over the world and they USA. I have yet to see one from Texas.

Of course the guests here are multi cultural. The accents, languages, habits and customs are the most diverse I have ever seen in my entire life.

I might have bought the younger kitten a new bathing suit and left it at home. Thankfully, older one brought two suits.

I also ran off without someone's asthma medicine. I've been over worried. So far....lucky.

We just finished lunch and now I feel a nap coming on. I shouldn't have  eaten that cheesecake.  I'm exhausted, sitting in a secluded spot in the shade by a speaker with some good music.....current song is Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves.

More later. Z's right now. Shhhh....pic from yesterday. There's a monkey behind me.

Post nap and preprincess dinner:

I'm not in the least bit hungry.

I am, however, very interested in a red bull or even a couple more cups of coffee.

The nap at the park was good but I feel more tired than before.

The water park was fun although it seemed a bit small. We still have Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark to hit up that we will probably do on Saturday before we take off.

I think the kittens are just about the perfect ages to do this. They'll remember it.

My younger one talks a lot. A lot. A lot. A lot.

There's a lot of people here.

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Anonymous said...

The absolute worst part of returning after a week long at WDW with the dining desserts! You get desserts with every meal. Amazing! The food is not bad either. Mostly there is just so much food.