Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Lunch Thoughts


· I love arguing with a boss via email. I think it keeps them on their toes and I don’t have to hear them holler/cuss on the phone. They wouldn’t fire me for being sassy electronically would they?

· The kittens came home this weekend. Yay! I got my sweet hugs last night. Finally. Then, within two hours there were cat-fighting and driving me crazeee. My sweet husband even had to fire off a, “Hey, hey, hey…ladies!”

· On the way home after picking them up, the older girls starts sobbing. I ask her what the heck is wrong and she tells me her boyfriend broke up with her through text message. She cried on and off all evening. Poor thing. She really liked him. I told her she gets to look forward to being the mysterious cute new girl at school.

· They got to see their newly redone bed rooms that hubby and I spent the last two weeks slaving on so that they would be ready when they got home. It was worth it. Their rooms look fabulous!

· Saturday did not start out very well at all. We actually got in an argument at 9:40 in the morning….I remember the time because he said, “It’s 9:40 in the morning and we are arguing already?” Of course it didn’t last long at all….he’s too sweet and funny to stay mad at.

· And Saturday was miserably hot…..the Uhaul experience did not go well for him once we were done with it.

· We spent so much time busting rear on the house this weekend that I totally forgot to pin him down and make him do another Video – cast. My plan is to do a short one weekly.

· Saturday afternoon, I cleaned out the turtle tank and fish bowl. Sunday morning I fed the fish – a gorgeous blue beta that we’ve had for five or more months. Sunday afternoon I do a double take-in shock that it’s……..dead. I have no clue what I did wrong…but I feel terrible. I killed our fish.

· The older kitten knows it died, but I haven’t told the younger one yet. I’m stalling.

· …..and that’s not even the worst part.

· I go to pick up the girls and then remember… we walk in the door….that I forgot to send him to his final resting place. I was very panicky when both kittens went straight for the kitchen where the turtle and fish have been hanging out.

· Thankfully, my wonderful, husband had held a private, quick, service for the fish before we got back. Whew. Close call.

· Not bad for my 12th husband.

· Happy Monday.


Ray said...

12th husband, that deserves an explanation!

Anonymous said...

Did you post pics of the girls rooms and I just missed them?

Did the girls love them?