Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Hollywood Studios

It's Tuesday and its hot here. I'm a huge fan of the shade.

There's a billion people here and there's not a cloud in the sky.

Yesterday I think we spent the whole day near someone with a  birthday. If it's your birthday, then the workers sing happy birthday to you. Yep, we literally heard that sung every five minutes. I'm good to not hear that sung again for awhile.

Today is Hollywood studios where we will get to do a backlot tour, see the Indiana Jones stunt show, ride the Tower of Terror, eat at a Sci-fi dinner theatre that we have reserved and there is some star wars thingie that my mom is interested in.

Now, I should warn you that there is a really good chance that I could finally get discovered and hit it big. I do promise to keep blogging.

(typed yesterday and I forgot to hit publish, my bad)

But....I might tell you that the show at the end of the night was "Fantasmic" was fantastic.

The 3D shows here are taken to the extreme by adding wind effects, smells, and drops of water. Pretty cool.

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Propagandist said...

At least you're not hearing "It's a Small World" everywhere you go.