Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I love stuff like this. Literary's Last Words. 
  • This top ten list reminded me that people really are crazy.....Ten relationships that facebook ruined. (And of course - it was facebook an facebook alone that caused the demise of each of those relationships, right?)
  • Do you know what the worst part of packing up and moving is? The unpacking....specifically the little things. I will admit we are extremely close to being done. Done. I look forward to that word.
  • What's even better to make the moving experience great? Let's throw in a scavenger hunt in the middle of a superstore and call it "School Supply Shopping". Ugh, I don't like the shopping for school supplies. Target last night was too horrible - but it wasn't fun either.
  • Do they still make scissors for "lefties"? I couldn't find any last night. Can't the regular scissors just be flipped around?
  • Beavis and Butthead making coming back n MTV? heh
  • Blogger has redesigned their posting page/dashboard thingie and added automatic spam detection. Goodbye word verification on the comments. Yay. That thing drove me nuts.
  • Then again...they may only do that with the newer blogger and not on the old style one.
  • You know that flight attendant that quit? I got video!
  • OK, it's now close to 7am and I gotta go -- I think my chariot to work is about to leave me. Happy Wednesday.

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