Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday End of Work Day

·         I swear I spent the last four hours at work juggling eighteen different tasks with the phone cradled in one ear, the radio in the left hand and typing furiously with the right hand.

·         I am still not a fan of crickets. At all.

·         My younger kitten has finally pulled off a first: She has slept in her very own big girl bed all by her self

·         I needs me some estrogen. Huge. Quickly.

·         School starts in less than three weeks? Wow….this is coming up fast. Very fast.

·         Sometimes I think about what all needs to be done between the two houses and I feel like all that work will never end! I haven’t had the big….”sad to leave my house” moment yet. I think it’s because I’m still in limbo over there and still making house payments and utility payments.

·         Does an article advising of an Huge blast of sun’s plasma heading toward Earth bother me. Nah. Does it make me a little bit nervous…uhhh, YEA it does!

·         How long has it been since you made shadow hand puppets on the wall? Me? Last night…..still makes me giggle to think about it.

·         I was a bit down yesterday afternoon and my older kitten says, “Mom – You look pretty today.” It was really nice to have that out of the blue from her. Sweet kid made me smile when I was down.

·         My little kitten curled up in my lap last night and fell asleep with me rocking her and patting her back.  I realized when I stood up to carry her up the stairs to her room that she is definitely no longer “little”.

·         Now….I wonder if I can find me some estrogen to make everyone in my little home happy and stop fearing me chomping off their heads.




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Judy said...

I felt nothing but relief when my house sold in Bport. But my circumstances were a bit different.
Your heart may tug a bit (after all, it was home for you and your girls) and change isn't easy, but keep in mind, it's a good change and it will be ok!