Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Written When It's Not Yet Wednesday

  • I'm sitting here watching American Idol and saw Casey James sing on stage in Hollywood. I noticed he was from Fort Worth and I really thought his name looked familiar before I even saw where he was from. Very familiar. Has he sung around here?
  • Science fair at the elementary school tonight was great. I feel bad for not reminding you ahead of time that it was going on tonight. I even had a good time...I was worried that I might need a distraction (book on iphone in purse).
  • I never touched it.
  • I was chit chatting with a teacher at the first activity table we got to and she introduced herself and I introduced myself. She automatically had that look on her face that something "clicked" and she said "Oh, I know who you are." My thought? Uhhh, with nervous beads on my forehead...ummmm, (gulp) yea?
  • She says, "Yes, I LOVED, following the videos of Costa Rica."
  • That's twice this week, someone has mentioned to me in person that they read/watch my blog.
  • I think I pinky promised her I would update with some links to pictures of Costa Rica. I'll work on that. I got some cool pics.
  • I got some good Carlsbad Cavern Pics too. I think I drove my mom a little crazy while doing the self guided tour because my older daughter and I were on a mission to find something more mystical in that cave than our imaginations of the different formations. We were hoping for some cave creatures but would have settled for a little cricket. Anything.
  • My mother's nerdiest moment ever (that was cute) was during an interview with one of the Cave Rangers by my daughter and my daughter asked which Cavern anywhere was her favorite and she mentioned Zion. My mom BEAMED. She'd been there. 
  • My mom also only lacks one cavern to having conquered all available. That's pretty cool.
  • What is it about little girls that make them dance in twirly circles when they walk from point A to point B. My younger kiddo and middle niece do that. In fact, I just hollared at my little princess to get in the tub and wash that daily grub...she whirled away with a smirk.
  • If I see any more commercials on Robin's Brothers/Jared'd/Kay's I'm gonna gag myself.
  • Four movies I want to see this month: Avatar, Valentine's Day, Dear John and This is It.
  • I'm reading Dear John, A friend gave a post description of Avatar of: "It's like Dance's With Wolves." and my girls are dying to see This is It. Valentine's Day? Well, it's packed with love, hate and a ton of big names.
  • Hey, did you get your loved one a big beautiful gift for Valentine's Day? Do you wanna know what I really really want? Hint: It goes around my finger. Pic here.

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