Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Long day that wasn't too bad.
Work is crazy busy. Crazy crazy busy. I stopped down everything and went to the main office to hop into another's orientation and learned a lot. The girl that trained me didn't feel it necessary for me to go through the office training. My sweet boss hooked me up. I really thought it was going to be basic and was scared of being bored, but we went into things I didn't even know existed. It was great.
And we're getting upgraded to better stuff....I snooped to see who is doing the upgrading. (I might get upgraded sooner if I am lucky.)
I love how the place really encourages you to learn, to think differently and if it doesn't suit you to figure out how you can do it differently.
It's a good place to be.
I just miss working around females. I didn't really realize that until today. I was surrounded my women with good memories..."Hey, Kat, how's that marathon training?"
I wish The Google had a way to view the wave, voice, email, documents, latitude....everything you have with them on one page. That'd make me happy.
For now, I finally got an add-on to my Firefox bar that has the ones I want to one click to.
Once again, the inkernet has given me too much to play with. I'm overwhelmed again.
Someone told me it's supposed to snow on Monday and Tuesday. That's just insane.
So, who wants to join me in jumping the Groundhog? If it does snow again, then I blame him!
Yes, I wrote a long post to Mzchief last night. Some of you have followed since day 1 of this entire journey with my brother, so I decided to share.
That was the update. My brother and his kiddos have moved to their own place and I'm back to being the aunt a couple hours away.
Now on with my Thursday.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand your videos. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to be like D & D or what? Watching you stand there looking like a comfused person is not-a-good.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog. I get the feeling you are a hard working, kind person and a great mom. I like that you cared for your brother and family, but are honest enough not to sometimes be frustrated. I think you probaly have a trully good heart. And that is why I like this blog.