Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

  • I'm still here. No such luck for my loving haters out there.
  • Yesterday I did (and got very excited about) something very very nerdy. I threw together a Microsoft Access Database and used the information that I entered into it to merged into a Word document and drastically reducing time spent on paperwork for a safety project. (Thanks, Debbye and Becky for all that time you spent teaching me that little gem.)
  • I ran into another fan yesterday. She said she is a HUGE fan of me and asked for my autograph. Ok, the second sentence isn't exactly true, but it was cool to have someone I hadn't met tell me in public, Hi! I read your blog. And, bless her heart...she is a school teacher. (I envy, admire and appreciate the heck out of you and your chosen field of work.)
  • Yesterday I looked over the calendar to realize I dismissed an appointment on my calendar....the badly needed estrogen shot. I sooo wish I had found that forgotten appointment before I sent that long, mean email. Eh, he's a guy.
  • Three different bosses at work have been sick this week. One with some nasty sounding respiratory gunk (audible) and the other two with some nasty sounding (in a descriptive way) stomach viruses. I have been chugging the OJ and washing and rewashing my hands.
  • I'm doing the Cowtown (half) Marathon this weekend. I just wanna finish. This year I don't have shin splints....please let me beat my time from last year.
  • After the half marathon I will start training for a full marathon. My first ever.
  • Eventually, I would like to run the same marathon that my dad did in New Mexico.
  • I avoided the inkernet for a whole day, a day or two ago....I hit record on The Bachelor's reunion show thinking it would involve Jake making a choice. I really thought it would play out the same as the Survivor does. We watched part of it over supper and then decided to watch the remainder the next day. I admit, I was a little perplexed why they would have the reunion show before The Proposal, but I really, really thought that they were going to show the final right after.
  • They didn't. Bummer. I avoided the inkernet like The Plague so I wouldn't find out who he proposed to only to come home to continue watching and find out that....the finale is NEXT week? Ugh.
  • Last night, I was cleaning out my dresser....that has two drawers on the bottom and then two shelves that are enclosed......GASP.....do you ever have those moments where little, insignificant things that have happened over a period of time just suddenly come together to make sense of a bigger picture? I just did.
  • I woke up the last week to find my Siberian Husky (Mallie) in my closet....any ladies out there feel my pain/anger when I awoke to that sight? I assumed she was chewing on my beautiful, precious shoes. Kat's World War III was about to break out in the middle of the night.
  • Thinking back I remember she was digging around a mound of black heals. She wasn't chewing or gnawing....she was digging. Dang dog....I hollared at her and fell right back to sleep.
  • A couple of nights later I could have sworn I saw something out of the corner of my eye by my dresser...looked over to find nothing and was quickly distracted with a question from the kiddos.
  • I also forgot that my brother and nephew warned me that they saw a mouse. I should have listened.
  • So, now...there is a mouse in my house. I'm moving out.

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mzchief said...

* Your haters, though they would pay dearly for the chance, are not good enough to drink your bathwater much less worth a moment's worth of your consideration.
* WOW! A real life Interweb celebrity...*:)
* As for the nasty-gram, so long as you did not inform him his Mrs. is really a dude, more than likely, you did not inform him of anything someone else had not already told him, soooooo he will probably get over it.
* I am soooo glad to know people who will run in the Cowtown Marathon. If it was left up to me and my non-running ilk, there would be no marathons, unless they involved bears chasing people.
* If you have only one mouse, this is an excellent mouse trap. Happy hunting.