Sunday, February 7, 2010

Carlsbad, NM

  • Populaiton about 27,000 people, around 400,000 bats, but only one woman at the age of 104. 
  • The Pecos River runs through town and there is a beach area blocked off with lifeguards for water fun.
  • There are pedal boats you can rent to cruise up and down the river. (more the fit type of person)
  • Last night we discovered that out of the three Mexican restaurants only one was open last night and the words "and Entertainment Bar" worried me just a smidge.
  • So we chose one of the six chinese buffets in town. 
  • Yesterday we stopped by my Great-Grandmother's to see her and she looked pretty good. 
  • After dinner we took a dip in the pool. Me? I checked out the hot tub....ahhhh......
  • Today? Party at Grandma's, then the Caverns and then the short trip home....five, six hours? 


Stan said...

If the Mexican rest was Lucy's, don't pass the next chance you get. One of the things miss most from Carlsbad

Anonymous said...

As a mother, you really should rethink putting your girls all over the internet. Exposure. Same with sprawled photos of yourself. You can't reclaim privacy as easily as you're giving it away. :(

Ricky said...

The population of Carlsbad, NM is 38,000.

And Lucy's had been closed for a few days last year by the health inspector. Eat there at your own risk.