Thursday, February 11, 2010

Triple Cold Thursday

  • My Husky loves the snow. Go figure the chihuahua doesn't.
  • I got a call from the school's automatic alert system advising me of the school delay and then again with the school closing.
  • I put the school closing phone call on speaker. I had one kid scream, "Yay!" and the other kid gave a boo.
  • While waiting out the weather, I got to make pancakes. Man those were yummy. Well, at least the ones I didn't burn were.
  • I had a dinner birthday party at my house planned for tonight. Thanks, winter snow. I finally obtain the PERFECT gift for someone and I don't get to give it to him tonight. Bummer.
  • You know you lost the snowball fight when one kid hits ya in the face with a snowball and the other stuffs snow down your britches.
  • Man those kids are ruthless!
  • Speaking of kids.....just my luck, school ya'd think I wouldn't have to go to work. Nope, their dad is off work and on the way to pick them up.
  • Double bummer.
  • Now I get to work on hazard identification paperwork and payroll.
  • Maybe I'll toss a snowball at the bosses. That's not a terminable offense is it?
  • Wish me luck.

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