Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Concert

....was at the Myerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX.

When you walk inside the building the initial thought you might have would be you are somewhere a bit high-tone and somewhat unremarkable at first. Don't get me wrong, the outside is artsy and very pretty, but the inside is incredible.

Once you walk in the auditorium (which I'm not sure is the best word to use) you can be a bit taken away.
First of all, it's a lot bigger than you might have thought it would be after looking at it from the outside. It's huge with several levels of balconies and a huge stage.

Isn't it beautiful? Showing you a picture just isn't the same as seeing it in person.
This isn't a stage that begs for entertainers, this place hosts bigger names. This place is fixing to host Tony Bennett. Look.

Also the inside has a huge underground maze with security checkpoints (we went through two of them to get to the warm up room) and guards.  I could spend all day roaming around in a place like that.

So, basically, since I got to perform there Saturday with the Azle Community Band, I will have technically (kinda sorta) have shared a stage with Tony Bennett.

Yep, I'm big time now, baby!!

Seriously, it was truly a great experience. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you accidentally misspelled "Meyerson" too. Ask berry to merry you agen and maybie heel get yoo a tuter and a reeng.

Kat said...


Uh, I mean...yea, that was totally on purpose!!

M-M said...

What instrument do you play? Just curious.

Kat said...


AnObiter said...

I thought of you the other night and wondered the same...some show/movie (can't recall) had a man guessing what instrument his date played.

Congrats on the Meyerson experience...:)

mzchief said...

To Kat...
Congratulations. I know how hard you have studied/practiced. You are the only person, I know personally, to have ever performed at the Meyerson.

More proof, you are a special snowflake.