Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hump Day

  • My daughter got on to me last night. "Hey, listen to me, when I'm talking to you." I giggled. She's so cute when she's mad.
  • After my day, I feel a little brain dead today. I had to use my brain a smidge too much today. Ok, I way over used my brain. I have a ton going on at work, at home, everywhere. Calgon?
  • A commenter actually busted me on a misspelled word. ME. I'm normally have fantastic grammar skills. See? My brain couldn't handle it today.
  • Yesterday was Groundhog Day. My seven year old told me that we are to have seven more weeks of winter. I told her the groundhog is really in a conspiracy with Mother Nature.
  • I don't think she believed me.
  • Last night my brother, the kids and the Mom came over to load up a trailer and truck with their stuff.
  • I'm a little upset. He took my fertilizer. He swore it was his. I gave up. Irritated. I gave up. How often in the last year has he used one? I still can't believe he took actually believing it was his and actually thinking he'd use it. But of all the battles I could have gotten into with him...I didn't feel it warranted the energy. I'll get over it. After I go buy another one. Ugh.
  • This weekend's dance is coming up way too fast. I'm trying really really hard to coordinate a cute look between the kids. My daughter begs me not to go overboard. I'm merely adding accessories to hint coordination.
  • Of course, she's also way excited. Way.
  • Her aunt bought her a dress. Her aunt did a really good job. It's simply gorgeous.
  • Ok, maybe I'm slightly excited about the dance. Slightly.
  • I spent most of the morning mentally preparing for a Safety Committee Meeting only to find out that it was Tuesday today. The meeting is on Wednesday. Then I spent the remainder of the morning bummed out because it wasn't Wednesday.
  • Today is Wednesday, right? I have plans for Wednesday. Now I'm in a good mood.


mzchief said...

* Interweb Grammar/Spelling Nazis are PATHETIC. It is the Interweb, none of this dreck really matters in the REAL WORLD.

* Let me get this straight...You, graciously, opened your home to your brother and his children, for a VERY extended period of time, cooked meals, provided emotional support, helped tend his children during a difficult time in his life and he quibbles over who has ownership of a bag of fertilizer?...Do him one more kindness and explain to him how petty, classless and thoughtless was his behaviour and if he pulled that crap on anyone other than you it would be the last time they would do ANYTHING for him. Leaving you a bag of fertilizer, he thought was his, is the very LEAST he could do to, man-up, and express his UNDYING gratitude for your kindness.

* I do not understand the ridiculous craze of couples attempting to coordinate their outfits. Unless a couple is performing/competing or square dancing, there is no reason a couple should coordinate their attire for a dance. Trust me, I have been to my share of VERY high-tone events and the men wear black tuxes and the women wear gowns and there is NEVER a hint of coordination. BTW...Real adults do NOT pin flowers to their clothing unless it is men acting as attendants at a wedding and even then at the very highest-toned weddings the men do not pin flowers to their jackets.

Denney Crane said...

I find women have a way of losing an argument and kindly making me regret that I even got into the argument.

The last time I won an argument with Mrs. Crane, I came home from work the following day and our king size bed was piled high with new clothes. I freaked!

I asked her what was going on and she said she felt so bad after our argument the day before and decided to go shopping. She said she felt better after going shopping. OUCH!

Needless to say, I find "yes ma'am" much easier and less traumatic. Men can be trained!

Now with that in mind, I would lovingly call my brother every time I needed my yard fertilized and ask him if he could do it for me since I don't have a spreader anymore. I think after 3 or 4 times he will find the wisdom in listening to Sis...

but I could be wrong...



Anonymous said...

I don't care if it was his....He should have been more than happy to give it to you!!! Good Lord....makes me just want to kick him ass....I would buy him a brand new one on his next Birthday :) wrap it up all pretty.... Men!!!!!! or should I say BOYS!!!!