Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday is here

·         Dinner at Sagebrush Café last night followed by Arsenic and Old Lace with my mother and daughters was an excellent way to spend the evening.

·         Tomorrow is the Cowtown half marathon in Fort  Worth. Please, please, please let me #1 finish and #2 at least beat my time from last year.

·         I fully appreciate the water stations and all the work involved, but that lone individual that stands on a street corner holding a bag of tootsie rolls or a box of Kleenex’s is pure gold.

·         This will be my third year to do the Half. I plan on going downtown tonight to pick up my race packet, which I have been getting the morning of.

·         There is a 5 year series medal awarded in the half, full and ultra that started last year. (pretty sure last year was the first year). Each piece of the five will fit together to be one bigger medal. That is my goal – to get all five.

·         I’m going to write out a longer post on the Sagebrush Café and the play later today.

·         I missed Survivor and didn’t record it on my TV thinking I could just watch it on the web, but for some reason my connection sucks at home and it’s not easy to watch.

·         I learned an excel trick that made me happy. If you have a workbook with several sheets  in it, you can select several of the sheets and edit something on one and it will affect all the sheets you had selected. That just made changing the date field on 50 pages of guy’s timesheets a much easier process. Yay. That made me happy.

·         I have the worst time remembering when to use effect as opposed affect. I must have missed English class that day.

·         My older daughter has perfect attendance for the year at school. This will be the third time she’s pulled that off…..hoping she pulls that off.

·         What I would really really love is for her to pull off straight A’s, she’s come extremely close all year. One class she’ll get between and 86 and 88 in. I get a bumper sticker if she pulls that off…..and I will soooo wear it on my forehead with pride.

·         For now, I’m extremely happy with her just the way she is.

·         There is a gal I have been around that has the same thickness of really thin straight hair as I do and the same size shape face as I do. I adore her hair style. It includes longer bangs that go towards the sides of her face and the length is just sitting on her shoulders.

·         I seriously contemplated getting mine cut very similar to hers. I think I’ve changed my mind. It’s taken me forever to grow it out to the length it is now.

·         Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve my mind.


Anonymous said...

An effect (noun)

To affect (verb)

mudwatcher said...

Good luck tomorrow morning. I'll be out tromping around on the 10k course. Layers, layers, layers!

Ali said...

Good luck tomorrow.

Ali said...

Good luck tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

CUT your hair. The fake & the real; it'll look healthier and fuller.