Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally Friday

It's Friday, my long awaited sweet Friday. This Friday has a bit of a surprise in store for me. I am going on an adventurous trip that starts today immediately after work.
I am flying to ???? and getting up early in the am to hike at ???? I have gotten a couple of hints and I would post them but I'm afraid one of you will guess correctly.
I do feel pretty good that I know where we're going. I am going to schedule my post to pop up on Saturday at noon. We'll see if my extensive searching of The Google will pay off with a correct answer.
In the mean time, I'll send updates to The Twitter Contraption.
Thursday night my little one had the ever so enjoyable music program. It was adorable and the kids were fantastic. The teachers were very into it and did an EXCELLENT job. They put on a play called the The Toad and The Frog. (Or was it The Frog and The Toad?)
Survivor. Yay, my sweet Colby is still on. Double yay, Coach is gone. He should have stuck by Rob's side, he'd still be there. Oh, hind sight....and in other Survivor news. Is it bad press to have a producer arrested for murdering his wife? Guess what happens in Cancun....
Did I say the other day that I love yard work? I was mistaken, I hadn't gone into the back yard yet. I no longer declare yard work as my soul mate.
Oh..but just, me wait, It'll get better, here in two or three months, we'll be enjoying triple digit temperatures and too miserable from the heat to do anything.
I can't wait.
Before flying to a mystery destination this evening, my little one is running in a 1/4 mile race. Awww...Mommy's little runner. And big one is competing in a band contest. Awww...Mommy's little band nerd.
Mouse update? I haven't heard him this week so I'm pretending he doesn't exist. I'm living in denial. It's a great place to live.
I did discuss the annon commenter's suggested home made mouse trap (yes D, I will probably have to use The Google for that too). Big girl was very excited. Little girl - automatically started crying. She wants to keep the mouse as a pet. Maybe getting her a cat isn't such a bad idea.

Happy Friday.

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mzchief said...

The reason you have not heard your mouse is because SHE is spending more time in her nest now that she has given birth to her dozen or so offspring. It is TRULY kind of you to leave her alone in the house, this weekend, so she can forage at will.

Have fun hiking. Try not to think of Miss Mouse and her herd of mouselings.

*MaNiaCaL LauGHTeR*