Thursday, April 1, 2010

(Another) Lunchtime Quickie

·         Did I mention how much I love yard work? I think it’s just this time of year…not too hot, not cold, just right. I worked outside again last night and my yard is looking really good.

·         I also live in one of those neighborhoods where everyone walks their dog, jogs the area and lets the kids play outside. It’s nice and friendly. I pretty much know all the faces….except for one. I saw the cutest guy ever walking his dog yesterday. It was a definite stop down, hey now moment. Ladies, I would like to apologize for not sneaking a pic, but he was movie star handsome and captivating. Very captivating….like more-so than my Colby Donaldson. (Dear Colby, I’m kidding no one will ever be more captivating than you! That was crazy talk.)

·         Anyone working Friday? It’s a national holiday right?

·         I haven’t done anything about the mouse yet. BUT, I’m gonna. Someone pointed out that if the mouse was poisoned it could curl up in a corner somewhere in a wall and die. Very good point. I think I’m going to go with the live traps and let my little one set the mouse free. (Although – she would much MUCH MUCH prefer the solution involving a cat or keeping the mouse as a pet!)

·         I’m sending my older daughter to band camp this summer. That will be a whole week with just me and the little one. That should be fun.

·         A friend of mine is very pregnant and texted that, as of yesterday’s doc appointment, she is now dilated to a two! I understand that she could stay like that for two weeks…but still, it could be any minute. That’s pretty cool! They have a tentative name picked out, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t completely ruled my name out as a very strong possibility.

·         I’m taking ya on a road trip with me this weekend. I get to go play on all the big equipment in a wooded area behind my grandparents house. They have 20 acres with trails for 4 wheelers – but the last time I was there the trails were blocked with fallen trees and branches. I vowed to go back and clear some paths. I’ve been looking forward to this – fun work. I like operating heavy machinery.

·         The only downfall is the drive to get there….seven long hours. Ugh. My little one begged to let us fly. Ha! Right.

·         Happy Friday for me and Thursday if you are working tomorrow.

·         Now, go forth and prank someone.


Edit: Lunch would have been more enjoyable at my desk, had I not lost a filling mid bite. Nice.


Anonymous said...

At my camp, where I am devoid of Certified Rodent Control Technicians, I use a water trap.
5 Gallon bucket. Your choice of logo.
A 16 oz. plastic soda bottle with a 1/2" dowel thru opening on top thru center of bottom. Not glued.
Put dowel across top of bucket in small slots cut so dowel, and bottle turn freely with bottle over center of bucket..
1 1X4 board leaned against top of bucket with a nail in it so it doesn't fall off. Approx. 2' in length is good.
1/2"-1" of water in bottom of bucket. Add Anti-freeze in winter or they will just learn to skate.
Smear PB(el cheapo, JIF, imported, whatever) on bottle all over.
Smear a trail of PB up ramp.
Go away.
Mouse/mice eat their way to top of ramp, and draw straws to see who jumps to bottle. Mouse lands on bottle. Bottle turns over. Splash. Repeat. 83+ mice this year alone.

Kat said...

That sounds like a genius plan that would work and sounds like my kids might enjoy setting that up.

I think even I could pull that off!

I'll keep ya updated!

Anonymous said...

I can send you a picture if you need, but I think you're a pretty smart lady, if you can change spark plugs and stuff like that......

D said...

Now you've gone and given her too much credit. I'm sure she can do it, but Google will be required.