Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lunchtime Quickie

·         I’m sleepy today. Very sleepy.

·         I wrote Happy Birthday on a friend’s facebook wall and then realized I left off the “r” in birthday. Did you know you can’t delete that once you’ve left it? Go me.

·         My yard looks a zillion times better. For now. I’m afraid that the replaceable spool for my edger/weed eater isn’t being sold at The Walmart anymore. BUT on the same row is one of those fancy cordless ones. I drool.

·         TAKS test today and my daughter made it out the door with her snow boots on. I hollered but didn’t make her change because I feared her missing the bus. I just know that she waited till the last second to put those on because she knew I would protest and there wouldn’t be time to make her change.  Little stinker.

·         Speaking of bad kids….mine got straight A’s!!! Yay!!!!

·         She’s been sooooo close this entire year – with one high B each six weeks. It’s been driving her crazy! (Me=Proud)

·         Did you know they don’t give a bumper sticker for that? I wanted one of those “My kids an honor roll student at….” for the Pinto Station Wagon. She thinks the bumper stickers are given with ending semester grades of all A’s.

·         Same kid….I scolded her last week for not practicing her flute as much and the very next day she landed first chair after a chair test.

·         She keeps up with excellent grades, stays out of trouble, is very respectful, has a cute funny personality….I might wanna give her a little bit of slack.

·         Then again…..can’t have that kid turning out like me.

·         Other kiddo got an award at school, “Extraordinary Eagle” for being an outstanding student. It’s interesting that the kids don’t know who is going to get it until the assembly. Her teacher sent me a hush – hush text giving me a heads up so I could be there. The night before I asked her who she thought would get it and she admitted that she secretly hoped it would be her. She said the teacher calls the parents to let them know ahead of time. Oh snap – her teacher didn’t call me. (tee, hee, hee).

·         I loved-loved-loved the look on her face when she walked in that room and saw me there. She knew she was getting it….and boy-oh-boy was she excited!

·         I have been a bad blogger. It’s been over a week since I’ve blogged last. Even my hater sent me a comment on how much they’ve missed me. Ahhhh, sweet mean hater that spews out filthy language (especially since they themselves are such a high upstanding citizen), I’m still here. Don’t fret. Don’t be hatin’. Wait…scratch that, that’s what you do; make that: keep hatin’.

·         Yep, mouse is still around at home and I’ve figured out that he (still hoping he’s a he) doesn’t care for cheese. Picky little stinker. I may have to lay out ramen noodle soup. (Pause for MzChief’s giggling over me delusional enough to think it’s a him.)

·         I watched last week’s Survivor this weekend. I was in shock. Me, in shock. Wow! That Pavarriti (sp?) is pretty good. I’m completely impressed. Completely. (Just paahleeze don’t let Colby get on her bad side!!)

·         Along with Survivor and The Office, you can now add Glee to the list of shows I’ve become addicted to. Glee isn’t really my kind of show – but I’m hooked.

·         We’ve had a lot of lay-offs at work. We were a little behind on the economic troubles. There are a lot of nervous people around here.

·         The world is going crazy: I sat in the car this morning and listened to the news stories of the six year old, disabled child, left in a field to die; a woman that was decapitated by her husband in Lewisville – they had six kids; and decided I’d rather listen to country music.

·         My phone, yes – my glorious new android phone has died. Not a good week.

·         I’m getting a replacement phone – but in the meantime I have been dealing with a phone that has a problem with the sensor on the touch screen. It’s a touch screen – I’ve been going crazy trying to operate that phone! Crazy!!!

·         When the repair store tried to repair it they did a factory reset. I lost all the data --- phone #’s, texts, everything!  

·         Grrrrrr!

·         I need a nap. No amount of coffee seems to be working today….unless someone snuck in decaf.

·         Hmmm….I might need to go ahead and fix a fresh pot – just in case.




Anonymous said...

You can delete a facebook post...just delete it and then post it again. You just can't edit it.

Ali said...

Maybe you could singe a piece of bacon and put it on the mouse trap or in the glue box if you are using that. I have missed you blogging. Don't stay away so long.

mzchief said...

Congrats to the Little Kbuggies for being such awesome Smart Chicks.

I hate phone trouble NEARLY as much as car trouble.

Ma'am, I did not giggle about Ms. Mouse. I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you have a kid with a good heart and brain! You are rich!