Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lunctime Quickie

·Yea – my Station Wagon Pinto is back home again! Radiator, a belt, a clutch thingy and thermostat all fixed. If the repairs cost half of what the car is worth, does that mean the worth is now double what it was before?
·I had a random call from an ole’ boyfriend last night and we chatted for 45 minutes. I remembered why I liked him so much. Funny guy.
·Yes, I know what a leaf blower is and yes I do happen to have one BUT I didn’t rake up the leaves during the fall and some viney, clover, weed stuff has grown over the layer of leaves. The leaf blower doesn’t do much for leaves that are underneath. Now, if I had used that leaf blower in November, then it would have worked like a charm. Now back to the vacuum cleaner for yards….I still like that idea.
·I have spent so much time on yard work during the last two weeks that I’ve only jogged once. I didn’t miss it too much until a neighbor stopped by yesterday evening to boast that he had finally worked up to jogging a full seven miles. It made me want to go jog.
·Every time I mow, I catch a glimpse of my kids darting from tree to tree and around the deck as if they are either chasing each other or playing a game of tag . It’s always made me smile and feel like the yard work is really worth it to see them playing and having fun.
·My older offspring informed me that they have a couple of made up games, one is called Hide From Mom Mowing. I laughed out loud.
·My brother and I used to have a game called Hide From Cars. We’d play after Sunset and would lose points if a car’s headlights caught us. I’m not sure we ever actually kept up with points. Now that I think about it, it was a really silly game.
·Ahhh….I miss his kids. I really really need to steal them for a weekend.
I'm now down to nine pounds lost. I want a cheeseburger. And some fries. And I'm craving ice cream.
·I have yet to ride the motorcycle at all this year. It’s time to fit that into the schedule. Quickly.
·I got giggled at for using “fixing to” to start off a sentence the other day. That’s correct English, isn’t it?
·I added a word verification to the comments to eliminate the spam comments. Someone told me that would reduce actual people from commenting because it’s a slight pain to do the word verification. I’m not sure I agree with that.
·Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

back when my kids were little, we'd use to watch Rugrats. the dad on that cartoon had a yard vacuum that sucked up every leaf........until the thing exploded and messed everything up.

AnObiter said...

I LOVE watching my kids run around while I'm out gardening. =) It's so fun to listen to them talk, to hear the "rules" of whatever they're playing, and catch their chats w/the dogs.

Kids = Life's Best Moments.

Anonymous said...

On our leaf blower you can reverse it to suck the leaves too. It has a bag to catch the leaves. It is a gas one.