Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Tears

So I’m sitting at my grandparents house this weekend and I get a “junk” email from Sam Moon. I’ve never been there, but I imagine after peeking at their website that I would love that place. I decided it’s probably best for my checking account that I (and my girls) try to stay clear of that joint.
….back to the “junk” email. It’s just highlighting special deals of some sort on purses and jewelry. But, hold on just a minute….there in that email is THE PURSE. The world stops just for a second as I see this beautiful purse.
I want it…..I need it….I’m sure somewhere on that purse my name is already on it. It’s gorgeous and is everything I ever dreamed in a purse! So this is what love at first sight is. I can barely breath! I show my mom, grandma and girls the pic of the purse. They agree – it’s me.
BUT – Survivor is on and at that moment, I have a bowl of cereal in front of me, and Colby Donaldson with his shirt off on a big screen HDTV. I put the purse on my mental to do list to order later in the day. It would complete me. It’s what I’ve been waiting for my entire life!

Fast forward to this morning. I get an email from my mother alerting me that Coach has filed a lawsuit against Sam Moon. My heart races….that wouldn’t affect my purse would it? I got busy helping my grandfather that day…..I better order it now just in case!

I go online to find……


This can’t be so! This isn’t happening….I feel weak, dizzy, short of breath. Wait..is that chest pain? I think my heart just broke. Lawsuit or not…it doesn’t matter because they SOLD OUT???!!!

I now feel lost, empty and incomplete.

And sad.

Sigh. Wasn’t it just beautiful, though?

Happy Freakin’ Tuesday.


mzchief said...

Your fuchsia handbag, that is out of stock, is not even close to being a faux Coach. Those rat-bastards are toying with your emotions.

I have never seen a faux Coach handbag at Sam Moon and trust me, I know my Coach. However, Brighton should be REALLY pissed. I have seen SEVERAL "replica" Brighton bags at Sam Moon.

Anonymous said...

Run to the Sam Moons on 35 and see if they have it there. Maybe 25-30 miles from Decatur?

Anonymous said...

Kat, you WILL love sam moon.....it's mecca. Oh, how do i get on their email list??

Anonymous said...


You can probably find that purse here. :)

Kat said...

MzChief, I agree, now that I take another look - I agree they are more of a Brighton resemblance than Coach. Either way....me still drools over the pink.

I'm so gonna check out the Sam Moon on 35 this weekend..I pinky promise.

I found on Sam Moon's website they have a tab on the bottom of the page for you to enter your email address and subscribe to their newsletter.

DUDE! Patchwork purse website has good, good stuff. I book marked it. Thanks!

Denney Crane said...

You need to go ahead and file suit on Sam Moon for false advertising; give it to them from both ends...

I know a good attorney :

mzchief said...

To anonymous 10:05...
Be VERY careful about telling Kat to "run" anywhere within 50 miles. Kat may take it as a challenge. It seems, once Kat gets to running she does not stop.

Put the fuschia purse at the finish line of a marathon and Kat would leave BG in her dust.