Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunch Time Thoughts

·I finished reading Dear John last night and bawled like a baby during the last couple of chapters. Ugh. It was NOT supposed to end that way! Finally I get to watch the movie…and I will so have a big box of tissue ready.
·Now I need a new book to read. Any suggestions? I read The Lovely Bones – liked it, The Shack – loved it and used to be completely engulfed in Dean Kootnz. I like the true crime stories too. I also love the idea of reading a book before the movie.
·We traveled to the far corner of Fort Worth last night to pick up my new replacement phone. Ugh. I have to re-do everything, but I’m ok with that because I have a phone again.
·That store was packed – but they had a great concept. You could call or email ahead to make an appointment so you don’t have to wait. I wasn’t that bright – but if you haven’t made an appointment, then they put your name on a waiting list that is displayed on a tv screen on the wall. Not a bad idea at all.
·My little rep girl seemed to be an expert with my type of phone – which Decatur wasn’t. She gave me some tips regarding the removable SD card. Nice.
·Then I took the older kid shopping for her straight A reward – she wanted an outfit. We really don’t do a lot of shopping around my house – so she was VERY excited, VERY grateful and VERY sweet….but man oh man, was that a beating! Next time, I’m taking a book and planting myself in a corner somewhere. I remembered I really don’t even like shopping for myself. I’d rather get in and get right out. She’s a look through every rack kind of gal. I will say the girl has style and it pays off. She did an incredible job and came out with a very cute outfit at a great price.
·Phone: Ok-more on the phone. Last night I started browsing different app sites on my laptop looking for an ebook reader for the google phone so I’ll stop using the iphone and carrying two phones. The iphone has a Barnes and Noble app that isn’t available with the android OS yet.
·I came across a site that displayed some popular apps, gave descriptions, reviews and also had a funny looking barcode type square that you could scan to “get” the app. On a hunch, I went straight to “The Market” on my phone and searched for scanners. I found an app called, Scanlife and downloaded it.
·I’ll be…..I opened that app up, the camera popped up on the screen, I pointed it towards the funny looking barcode and it scanned it. It automatically downloaded it the app from the laptop. Just. Like. That. ·Incredible, huh?
·Seriously – I know I threaten to video stuff all the time – but this time I mean it! Here’s a pic of the “barcode” thingie. I’ll feel silly if I learn that the iphone does that or if everybody already knew about the scanning feature.
·I already had an app that will scan barcodes off any product that has a barcode and google it. It’s great while shopping if you want to know who sells something cheaper.

OK- get on with your Wedneday. (And, thanks, Ali - that was sweet.)


Anonymous said...

Vince Flynn read all his books they are awesome! Iris Johansen is also good.

Anonymous said...

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah...I guarantee you will love it!

Anonymous said...

If you like Vince Flynn you'll love Brad Thor! Read them in order because they build on each other. Same type of plot but much more intense.

Fake Ron Jeremy said...

I like to read Black Tail 8. Oh, wait. I'm confused.