Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!!

It’s getting awfully cloudy out there…..and normally I would adore that. Not today. Why? Cause I was gonna ride the motorcycle from Fort Worth to Decatur tonight so I could ride in a benefit ride this weekend. (The bike normally stays in Fort Worth.)

Even better? There’s a pretty, pretty……pretty good chance that it’s gonna rain this weekend. I don’t ride in the rain and I don’t ride in windy conditions.

Weather = Boo!!!!

(EDIT: My pic didn't upload yesterday. Darnit!)


Art Vandalay said...

Kat, if you like true crime books, read "In Cold Blood". It was THE start of true crime novels. I know it is old, but I read it when I was 13, when 13 year olds weren't supposed to read that kind od of stuff. I've read it again becqaause I knew I couldn't have gotten the nuances at that age. I remember the kin folks asking each other whether I sould be reading such a book. This was in the 60's.

If you've already read it, then disavow my post.

Brenda Rotramble said...

Kat, how do I sign in as a follower?

Anonymous said...

Which ride? Toys for Tots in Decatur or the one for Grant Edwards at Bridgeport?

Kat said...

I didn't know Decatur Toys for Tots was doing one.
I have been planning/hoping to ride with the Grant Edwards Memorial/Fundraiser Ride.

Anonymous said...

The wife and I did nearly 200 miles on the Toys for Tots ride Saturday. Camped all weekend, helped raise close to $21,000. Got to visit with some Marines that had all been to Iraq or Afganistan. Great weekend Kat, you missed a good time!