Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lunctime Grumpiness

·         My pinto station wagon is in the shop getting fixed. The update is, “…we’re working on the estimate right now. The fan clutch is locked up, the water pump is bad and, well, it has a list of several things wrong with it. We’ll call ya back shortly once we get the list complete.” Ugh…tense.

·         I’ve spent the last week (minus the weekend) doing yard work in the back yard and I have only raked up half the leaves in the back yard. I’ve gone through three boxes of lawn bags. I’m starting to wonder if someone else is dumping their leaves in my yard. Yep, it could be a conspiracy.

·         Picking up leaves is back breaking work. My daughter says last night, “ Hey, isn’t there a machine that sucks up the leaves like a vacuum cleaner?” If there is, don’t tell me, I’m sure I can’t afford it and knowing it exists would be burden upon my already unstable mental state.

·         I dropped my phone yesterday pretty hard and now I am having trouble with the touch screen. You know how hard it is to answer a phone that doesn’t have the touch screen working?

·         If I need to, I can unlock/jail break the iphone to where it will work with Sprint, right? I’m sure itunes sells an app for Sprint so that will let me pay my bill and keep up with my minutes.

·         I’m addicted to The Office and have gone through every episode on my DVR. I have none left.

·         I had a photog assignment set up for last night and was stuck at home with broke down car. I switched it for tonight and me having transportation tonight isn’t looking too promising.

·         There is an alarm that is malfunctioning at work. For the last week, I have the high pitched ringing in my ears. The alarm company is supposed to come out this week and they could not get here fast enough.

·         I think I’m overdue on getting my estrogen shot. I wonder how long I could go without it before I really go crazy.

·         It’s beautiful outside and I am sitting behind a desk all day. (Insert pouty lip here.)

·         Boo Tuesday.



M-M said...

A Pinto wagon? Are you serious? What year model is that? Gotta be in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

You have a pinto station wagon? Seriously? What year model?

Don't fell bad about not being outside. It's windy as all get out! I don't like wind!

Anonymous said...

Do you really have a Pinto station wagon? Wouldn't that classify as an antique?

Anonymous said...

It's comedy people. Comedy.

Anonymous said...

Just get you a what I call a leaf blower but i think they are called something else. I got one at Home Depot last year on sale for around $25. It runs on an extension cord and works good. Blow all the leaves into 1 corner of your property and you'll be done in a 1/10 the time.

D said...

Kat, after all these years haven't you figured out what kids are for? Give one a rake and the other one a bag. When they get tired go get the neighbors kids. Just arm yourself with the water hose and point. :)

mzchief said...

To Kat...
* I love The Office. Tuesday night Office-a-thon on 26 is good times at The Mzchief house. Hubby and I laughed soooo hard last night, at Jim making Schrute believe it was really Friday, the two of us had tears in our eyes.

* After 15 years of raking TONS of leaves from our herd of trees as well as those that blow from the golf course and our neighbours' yards into ours, I finally purchased, last year, a leaf blower. Not only is it fast it is TONS OF FUN herding those little leaves. Mother's day is just around the corner...*:)

*If you are a tad bit of a computer 'tard you might want to purchase the program to jailbrake your iPhone from this site. I manually jailbroke my iTouch but I do not feel comfortable doing someone elses iPhone.