Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday Thoughts Posted A Day Late

My NCAA basketball bracket at work came in second and I got a little prize out of it. Cool.

I would be upset that it took this long to inform me and send the prize my way, but I’m too distracted with the fact that I came in second!!!!!

If a package says “easy open” then it isn’t. I have individually wrapped small portions of cheese that is a pain in the neck to open. It’s my daily snack and I go through getting mad at my cheese slice everyday….yet I keep buying the same kind every time I go to the store.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I plum forgot to send the census form in. I’m a dork, I know. I had a census worker stop by yesterday for the interview. I learned that she has a political science degree. Is this what she went to school for?

I’ve been shopping for contacts online and have discovered that they are expensive (for my kind) and you get the best deals per box with the more you buy. I just don’t want to buy a year at a time. I’m not sure why I don’t but I don’t. That whole concept drives me nuts. I just want one…maybe two boxes at a time for a reasonable price.

I finally submitted my vacation request at work for this summer and it was approved. I am officially excited about the summer. VERY EXCITED!

I got through an evening last night without a snake, spider, mouse….all was well – until I awoke this morning to find a cricket in my bathroom sink. I think my daughter might have mentioned that it was in there the night before. I should pay more attention when she’s talking about bugs.

Ali in comments mentioned stuff from Lowe’s for the house to combat the snakes. I might try that. I really really don’t like snakes.

I’m almost done reading Tuesdays with Morrie. Ugh – that’s a sad story. Next I’m going for In Cold Blood by Kapote. I intend on following up with movies associated with it, too.

I don’t have much today.

Oh – wait – Survivor is on tonight!! Yay!! Break out the bib – I plan on drooling over Colby from 7:00 to 8:00….ahhhh, sweet Colby.

I would like to also announce my prediction for the winner. Sandra. Yep, Sandra. I feel really really good about that….and sad that I’m pretty sure it won’t be my boyfriend.

Ok – now you may carry on with the Thursday.

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janneba said...

You can put moth balls around where you think they might be. They hate the smell they are good to deter fire ants away from power supplies and ac's anything electrical it is probably cheaper than snake a way. 4-5 boxes get me thru the season.