Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update from my brother.....

This is an excerpt from an email from my brother...seems the kids are doing well. Mostly....

I think coming to visit sounds like a great idea. I've been going absolutely stir crazy here, (and the girls too). R-Man is doing very well at the new school. (Talk about teeny tiny town though). He's been a straight A student the last 2 report cards. He had to go for a few weeks without his medicine while we made arrangements for a new doctor (and the money to make it happen), but thank goodness we made it through without any problems at all. R-Man's behavior has actually continued to improve even with all the changes since Decatur. He's now doing daily chores (very diligently I must say I've been impressed so far) for an allowance of $2.50/week. Anyways, he's been doing pretty well and I've been very proud of him. We still have our daily struggles, but they are getting better.

For his birthday he'd wanted a fish for quite awhile, and he got a cool blue Beta. Then with some of his birthday money he got a fiddler crab ( those things are freakin hilarious to watch) from Wal-mart to live with the fishy....Well....The crab croaked 2 days after getting home, (turns out their necessary living conditions are not at all resembled in the least bit at Wal-mart in the way they are sold) ((man I was pissed about that one, still am actually)).... and then 2 days after that, Baby R fed the fish to our dog Rosebud...(who apparently LOVES seafood)..

Well, R-Man took the deaths pretty hard. We had a graveside service in the yard where we buried him in one of R-Man's old pill bottles for a casket. Everyone took a turn saying something nice about "Phil" and laid a flower on his grave. "Bill's" body on the other hand was never recovered so we just kinda left that one at that...(I made sure to walk Rosebud quite a ways from the house during poo-poo outings for the next couple days... Anyways, he bounced back soon enough and his granny just got him another Beta last week..This one's been doing good and everybody has been great at "Baby R Patrol".

....made me giggle (and miss them all even more)!

R-Man sent me a message on facebook and said that his little sister, Miss Sweet R, still calls me Skinny Aunt Trina. (Gotta love that kid!!!)

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