Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Thoughts

·         I am super sleepy today. I went to bed waaaay too late last night. I hate it when I do that. My sleep schedule was a little nutty yesterday. I woke up before 8am yesterday morning not feeling good, made a recovery to jog my long jog and then crashed out for a two hour nap. The nap completely messed up my day. I had stuff to do.

·         I figured out that the explosion (a couple of weeks ago) between a bathroom electrical socket and my hair dryer that was plugged into was probably caused by a metal necklace that fell in between the plug and socket. I believe that…..When I finished drying my hair I laid the hair dryer down while turning it off at the same time. In the process it blew hair to a necklace hanging above the plug that fell at just the right time to explode just before I turned it off. Case solved. I could be a fire investigator.

·         I’m back to using the dyer again…’s probably safe. Right? Right, of course it is – I’m an expert.

·         Anyone watch the Bachelor from last season with the Texan hottie, Jake Pevelka?

·         Oh my, my, my……What a cutie.

·         Sorry --- temporarily lost in thought. The chick, Allie, that left towards the end of last season will be the Bachlorette and it starts tonight. I still wanna see her with Jake….since, of course, I can’t be with him, then I’d like for him to be with a good gal. I’ll have my hands full with Colby Donaldson. Since Survivor is over, I suspect he’ll be coming by to profess his love for me at any moment.

·         ….and if that Colby doesn’t hurry up I may decide to stalk fall in love with the very cute Tony Romo.

·         In the meantime, while waiting for Colby, I will most likely be stage managing the next show with The Off 380 Players. It’s Tuesday With Morrie – a VERY good book. Yay – how fun is that? I had a conflict with being out of town for a week in July that could have affected me working at that show. Turns out, there is another gal in the troupe with the same interest for stage manager and same problem – we’re gonna work together.

·         I still can’t remember which effect/affect to use.

·         This weekend we get to go see Wicked on stage. I’m pretty excited…..except the looney person (and no, this time, I’m actually not referring to myself) that picked the date, time and got all the tickets organized for this Saturday didn’t notice that….Hey! It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Then the looney person mentions what a great weekend it could be for sneaking away somewhere. Tell me about it. My brain was thinking the same thing.

·          I watched Unfaithful for the first time this weekend. What a sad/crazy movie.

·         One of the guys at work went to Rhome and Italy for vacation. He was telling me about it since I’m Catholic and I would find it interesting. Ummm…..I’m not Catholic. My mother just recently found out that she kinda is, but I’m not.

·         Company luncheon Friday was great….I was so excited one of the bosses ran off with the pies I brought. The only problem I now have is: there are three, let me repeat: THREE freakin’ cakes in the fridge right now…and one of them is a HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE cake.

·         This is going to be a rough day. Very rough.

·         Happy Monday.




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mzchief said...

* I hate those, pick me, pick me "reality" shows. It is all so VERY pathetic. The only "reality" T.V. I have ever watched was Gene Simmons: Family Jewels and Kirstie Alley's Big Life. It is AMAZING how normal is the Simmons family. Gene Simmons may be one of the most intelligent people on the planet. Kirstie Alley is just your run-of-the-mill normal, crazy person. Kirstie Alley has the patience of Job and interjects fun into EVERYTHING she does. Both of them are remarkably kind people.

* Cake is safe, from me, in my house. Pie, in my house, is ALWAYS in danger.