Monday, May 24, 2010

Brittney Murphy's Husband Now Dead

Good grief, first Brittney Murphy's mom found Brittney dead five months ago and now she has found Bittney's husband, Simon Monjack, dead at the age of 39, last night in the same home (and room) that Brittney was found dead in.
That is very wierd.

The similarities are remarkable . Murphy was found unconscious by her mother Sharon. Sharon found Simon unconscious as well. Murphy was found in the master bathroom. Simon was found in the master bedroom of the same home. Paramedics administered CPR to Simon. Simon administered CPR to Brittany. And they may have both died from cardiac arrest ... 5 months apart.

That is very wierd. And I understand that Brittney's mom was living with the Simon?
He died from cardiac arrest, but I got a feeling that there's more to this story than just "natural causes".


AnObiter said...

"Naturally," this is very questionable! I mean, c'mon, right? Either that, or it's the most romantic Twilight Zone marital death ever!

Kat said...

I guess I could give in that it's not completely impossible but what are the odds of that happening?