Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

·         It feels just like a couple of days since I was dreading my Monday morning. Now it’s Thursday already? My oh my, the week has flown by!

·         Big girl had her band concert Tuesday --- pretty, pretty…..pretty good.

·         Little girl has a ballet recital Saturday. It should be adorable! I can’t wait!

·         I have become a double fake Excel Expert this month. Ok, not really, but I have added more features, formulas and charts to an excel  workbook that I’ve been keeping for the last two years and it’s pretty cool to think back at what I started with and now see what all it can do…..and I did that. Me….the blonde one. Yay!

·         We were issued hard hats at work this week……those things are not good for the hair. I think I’ll stay at my desk for as long as possible and as much as possible.

·         I think there is a slight chance of rain today. Maybe. Maybe not.

·         If I ever wondered if I missed my calling as a dog hair cutter person, well, after last night – there’s a 123% probability that I did not. My poor dog. She looks……ummm….like she got a really, really bad haircut.

·         Last night was a little exciting around my house. We had a dinner guest, cut the dog’s hair, and then booked a Girl’s Trip for this summer. We’re going to Disney!! Yep, being broke with bills paid and vacation paid is a good feeling. A really good feeling!

·         My older daughter got out of bed at 1am last night, walked down the hall to my room and announced that she was going to take a shower. My response? “Huh?” I heard her go to the bathroom and tinkle…so I thought – she must have been sleep walking. Then I heard the shower. Yep, she took a shower at 1am last night. When she was finished she came back to my room and told me to get up –it was my turn to shower. Then she looked at the clock. “It’s 1am, I thought it was 5 am….can I go back to bed?” hee, hee….poor girl.

·         I talked to a very dear ole’ friend on the phone last night for a while and he advised me that HTC has come out with an update for my phone as of yesterday. HTC put out the next update as of yesterday. I’m soooo working on that tonight.  I might give that hair cut a second try tonight too. Poor doggie. Don’t ask for a picture of her. I’m too embarrassed.

·         I’m still waiting for the reaction from my neighbors when the peek over the fence to say hi and do the double take when they see her.

·         I might splurge on tanning for a month or two. I’m one heck of a white girl.

·         I joined in on and started a photo project called “365” with the concept of taking a self portrait once a day for 365 days. I made it 20 days. I’m gonna try again.  It was in flickr last time – I think I might actually upload it to my facebook this time. Wanna be my fb friend? I started with a pic yesterday….let’s see how long I can make it this time.  Any bets?

·         I noticed that a facebook friend posted a comment that said, “

·         I’m in a really really really good mood this morning and I have the worst splitting headache ever. I’ve had it since yesterday aft

·         Happy Thursday, y’all! (Now…where did I put that bottle of advil?)

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