Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Thoughts

  • Good morning! Aren't you so super duper very glad that today is Monday? I am!!! I LOVE Mondays! They are awesome!
  • (I sounded believable during that last bullet point, didn't I?)
  • Last week on Thursday, the plan was to hitch a ride after work to Fort Worth and bring back the bike, but it was really windy and there was a pretty good chance of rain Friday and Saturday. So, back up plans were made and ultimately followed through with. BUT it didn't rain - in fact, it was gorgeous outside.....all weekend! Dang weather played a trick on me and I didn't get to ride. Booo.
  • I did get to go to the Movie Tavern to see Furry Vengance though. The movie was horrible, but the company was great, food was ok -- and it was The Movie Tavern. You just can't go wrong at The Movie Tavern (normally - although I still haven't seen date night yet).
  • Brendan Frasier is a C List actor, in my professional, expert opinion.
  • Last week I started mowing the front yard, I stopped half way through to empty the grass out of the bag when I came across THIS guy in my mower. I froze, but figured there was NO WAY that creature was still alive. I poked at the grass next to him with my gloved hand. Nothing. I took my glove off to get a pic of him with my cell, figuring he was dead. I took one pic, but - since I am trained in the photographic ways, I decided a couple more pics with different angles would be a good idea. I leaned the phone in closer to get another pic - the thing jumped and slithered deeper in the mower to attempt a getaway. And of course I remained calm and didn't run away screaming and crying as if Freddy Kruger was chasing me with a chain saw. Or...maybe I wasn't totally calm. My neighbors gave me the look of, what the heck is she doing?
  • Ugh...I'm still scared to go out there. I never did figure out which way he went.
  • I got three books last week, based off of suggestions and have more lined up from more suggestions. I'm loving the reading list. Right now, I have Tuesdays With Morrie (I'm stage managing it this summer), Firefly Lane (it's starting out pretty good) and In Cold Blood (suggested by "Art Vandelay").
  • 5k this weekend. Outta be some fun.
  • Now let's get going with the Monday. Yum.


Crazy said...

Did you ever get rid or your mouse?

Anonymous said...

You going to run the 5k Caveman crawl coming up in Bridgeport?