Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

·         I heard today that local honey will help with allergies. I looked it up. I’ll bee.

·         This morning I was thinking, if I were to die today, I would be completely embarrassed of my closet. There’s nothing incriminating in there, it’s just packed with messiness. I have a bad habit of keeping stuff I know I’ll probably never wear just because of the ‘what if’ factor. What if I lose those twenty pounds since I’ve worn that pair of pants last? I think I have stuff in my closet from high school. (They might come back in style.)

·         Do you think the guys at work would laugh at me if I brought one of those big exercise balls to sit on instead of my desk chair? They’re supposed to be good for the abs. My tummy needs some work.

·         My daughter swore the other night that she saw a guy in a tuxedo wearing a top hat and carrying a cane standing at the corner by our house. I thought she was crazy or kidding until I heard later that night that it was prom night. Makes sense now.

·         Did anyone go see Nunsense in Bridgeport?

·         Speaking of seeing…yay, Glee is on tonight.

·         Should I feel silly if the “I’ll bee” in the first bullet point made me giggle?

·         This has been Tuesday, hasn’t it?


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