Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Whining

What could be a great way to start the day other than with a flat tire?
I even get the pleasure and delight of sitting impatiently on the walmart auto center to fix the flat.
I'm hoping its fixable. It's a little on the worn out side and has a pretty big nail in it.
Since I'm such bright cheery person I like to look at the positive of the situation. It could be could have happened on a Monday.
More yard work last night. I cleared out and trimmed (read butchered)  the front bushes. That was not an easy task.
I did have the opportunity to meet another snake. This time I had no doubt that the thing was alive.
This was not the same snake as last week....which makes me nervous.
We did, finally, get to stop by lowe's last night for our yearly purchase of flowers for the flower bed.
I swear they have the friendliest workers ever.
Walmart could work on that.
Ugh I swear the car in front of me is getting everything done that walmart has to offer.
Did I mention that I'm impatient?  
I think what gets me is sitting here, stranded and feeling like forever is passing me by.
If I'm gonna have to be away from work I can think of a trillion other things that I could be doing.
Aaaand, if I had known it would have taken this long, I would have skipped right up to Starbucks and enjoyed some hot java and maybe even some fattening yet yummy muffin.
At least I got to share the wait with you.
Thanks for letting me whine.

EDIT: One old tire replaced with a brand new one....and those thangs ain't cheap neither!


Ali said...

There is a product called Snake-Away. I think I heard you could put sulphur around your home also. I can't stand snakes. I better check into that stuff as I don't want to see one.

mzchief said...

Decatur Lowe's has the BEST helpers. This year, I purchased ALL of my annuals from the clearance racks in the Lowe's garden center. They put new stuff out every day or so and it is marked down at least 50%. Since I have been going to Decatur 3 times a week for physical therapy I have been making a stop at Lowe's on the way home. While talking plants with the manager of the garden center I mentioned I was a Texas Master Gardener and was immediately offered a job. I fessed up that I am too lazy to work that hard in the heat.

Good luck with your nailed tire, mine got screwed last week.

mzchief said...

To Ali...
Thank you for the information. You can bet, I will pick up a 4lb jug of Snake-Away the next time I am at Lowe's. I had a 2.5 ft snake, that was in a tree, crawl across my arm while I was pruning a tree in my side lot. I still shudder when I think about it.

Ali said...

mzchief: I think if a snake crawled across my arm I would die of a heart attack. It is bad enough seeing them on the ground.

kathyhat said...

Go to Decatur Tire - they are awesome and fast