Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crazy dream

I dreamed (or is it dreamt) that I was driving down the highway and had been driving for a long time. I received a call from someone to stop and pick up someone else. I took the next exit and made too sharp of a turn when getting onto the access road and caused my cell phone to fall off the console. So, at the stop sign, I put my blinker on, came to a complete stop, leaned over and picked up my phone off the passenger floor board. All is good and I'm back on my merry way.

I make the left turn, go under an overpass and realize that it felt good to stretch out like I did, so I put my left foot out the window and straightened it out. The next moment a police officer traveling the opposite direction turns around and gets behind me with his lights on. I pull over and put my leg back in. The officer walks up with his eyebrows raised and asks what the heck I think I'm doing.

I explain that I've been driving forever and just needed to stretch a little because my back was getting a little sore. He asks how much I've had to drink. I reply none. He keeps asking me questions: where I'm coming from, where I'm going, who the vehicle belongs to, who is this person I'm picking up, why am I picking them up....on and on. While I'm answering he keeps trying to put a device near my face.

Instead of the normal breathlyzer that would detect the alcohol content in your body that you would blow into for a few seconds, he had a fancier one. His new contraption would detect alcohol just by the tinest amount of escaped breath from a person's mouth or nose, but you have to get it within an inch of their face. I kept turning my head away because he hadn't "asked" for a sample of my breath and I hadn't signed the proper consent form.

Somehow the tablet that had the consent forms would reset the machine. When you signed the form, you would take the form off the tablet and the machine would reset from the last person and then you would put it by your face. This officer wasn't playing by the rules though.

I knew I hadn't had a drop to drink and was fine, but I wanted that machine reset. He finally gets mad at me and says, "FINE! I'll do it!!!" He puts the machine up to his own face and the machines registers that he is three times over the legal limit of alcohol allowed for a person to be driving. Then he goes on to explain to me that I'm under arrest for drinking a ridiculous amount and driving badly. (Actual charge that he wrote on my ticket.)
I woke up confused. Really confused. BUT I didn't speed on my way to work, I wore my seatbelt and I also did not put my leg out of the window......not that I normally do, of course.
I'm glad I shared that with you.

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