Monday, November 2, 2009


  • Ok maybe Friday's video wasn't really Mr. Barry Green....but it sure did make me laugh out loud!
  • I had a fun photo shoot yesterday afternoon with the spunkiest bride ever. The happy couple gets married this weekend and I can't wait! It should be a fun wedding. My older daughter is going to be my personal assistant during the wedding.
  • I got an email late Friday with an invite to try out the new Google Wave from Google. I was positive at first glance of the email that it was going to be fake.
  • It wasnt'. Now I need to add some friends to wave with me...and I need to decide what the heck I'm gonna do with it. (I'm totally excited!)
  • My invite is good to include 20 friends to wave with me. Hmmmmm........
  • Normally I can sleep pretty hard and not remember a thing. Oddly, here lately, I've been remembering dreams that I had the night before. I've also been waking up several times.
  • Interesting question I heard on talk radio: "Has the swine flu effected the way you greet people?" Me? I've only been nervous in the doctor's office and walking passed the pharmacy in Walmart...all other times, I totally forget.
  • I have a 5k and a 10k this month. I feel pretty good about the 5k...but I'm getting more and more nervous about the 10k. I'm afraid I won't make it......annd it'll be out of town and I won't have my doggie to run with me.
  • I woke up an hour early this morning because I completely forgot to reset the time on my alarm clock.
  • I curled my hair...the girl's hair...listened to a podcast. It was pretty nice.
  • OK, now go enjoy your Monday after your crazy weekend of wild candy partying and keep away from my stash--I stole it from the kids fair and square!


mzchief said...

* I am positively green with envy that you received a Wave invite.

* I stopped shaking hands, years ago. As a woman, it really is not an issue for me since men are not suppose to extend their hand before a woman offers him hers. I have always been a germ freak so I have carried and used hand sanitizer for years. I never touch my eyes, nose or mouth without first washing/sanitizing my hands. I NEVER eat without first washing/sanitizing my hands. Not surprisingly, I rarely have colds.

* I had a great time with a bunch of friends at a private Halloween costume party at a bar. I went dressed as a gypsy. I have gypsy hair all year long, I might as well have a costume that matches the drapes.

Anonymous said...

Where is the rest of your Halloween costume?