Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

  • I'm a bit emotional this week. It might have been a slight lack of estrogen, but I'd never admit to that and I'll cry, hollar, or eat a pint of ice cream if you ask me about it.
  • I had technical difficulties at home this week.
  • First of all, the mower wouldn't start. I had to borrow my brothers. His doesn't have a grass catcher. I am a little OCD about the grass being clean and free from...well, the cut grass.
  • But I did get to mow....and faster than I had before.
  • The front was done two nights ago and I started on the back last night and ended up with his mower stuck in reverse.
  • Frustrated, I had to give up half way through.
  • So, on to cooking supper and I find a massive, nasty mess under my kitchen sink. It seems as though the drain pipe has seen its final days. Nice.
  • I went Mama crazy last, kids, kids....all seventeen zillion of them making little messes here and there. I've gone insane. Insane.
  • I will say, that the 2 year old....Is. A. twoyearold.
  • I do love the 2 year old voice and talk though. Her vocabulary has multiplied times eighty since she first came here. She's turned into a parrot. It's adorable.
  • The boy and the 5k is in two days and I'm not sure he's gonna make it. He got some sort of respiratory infection complete with all the congestion, wheezing and sneezing a little runner would ...not...want.
  • He's been practicing like crazy and finishing the 5k would have been a breeze for him. Ugh. I really will feel bad if he doesn't get to do it.
  • Crazy thought: Thanksgiving is two weeks away.
  • I almost didn't want to post anything....that Colby Donaldson is....hawt! He helped me survive my day....get it? Survive. (OK, I'll stop.)
  • I finally gave in and splurged on an ebook. The Lovely Bones is now waiting patiently in my ereader on my iphone.
  • I also got my phone to sync and back up with itunes. I think I figured out last time it wouldn't sync that the problem was due to podcasts I downloaded directly from the itunes app.
  • I have a website I like to answers my most important question of everyday: Am I awesome? It's VERY accurate..
  • Go ahead, try it. Ask it...Is Kat awesome? Answer here.
  • Enjoy your very awesome Thursday.

Oh yea......estrogen is good stuff. Today ought to be better.


Zeb said...

Looks like a syringe full of lava lamp.

Kat said...

Ha!! My nurse and I had the SAME conversation!

I decided pictorial documentation was called for.

It's not everyday you get a lava lamp in your......uhhh.....nevermind.