Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts and Stuff

  • A friend called me today to have me look at the new Carrie Underwood CD. She claimed Carrie Underwood looks just like me! Ok, maybe my friend has bad vision...but, Carrie could be my twin!
  • I had trouble in iphone paradise again last night. I had downloaded some pod casts to my phone straight from itunes and then it would not fact, itunes kept freezing up.
  • I had to delete all the podcasts and then it would recognize it, but it was still slow going.
  • That iphone can be so cool and such a pain in my brain.
  • I saw this comment: "You deserve a stumble and maybe a re-tweet :) very nice post!" on this article (10 Neat Facts About Google). That phrase just stuck me as funny.
  • The never ending story. Good grief. That thing goes on and on.
  • A Cub Scout troop met at Hwy 287 and Business 287 to practice a flag ceremony when a thingie called a hoist broke causing the flag to get stuck at half mast. Uh. Oh. It was fixed the same day.
  • Whoa, whoa,'s Wednesday already? How the heck did that happen.


mzchief said...

You do look a bit like Carrie. However, you have the luxury of being a natural blonde.

Anonymous said...

Yes...I can see do look like Carrie :) Have you seen her new video?

Kat said...

OK, watched the video, and there might be a slight resemblence.

Catchy song.