Wednesday, November 18, 2009


World of Mouth


nate555 said...

It's VERY interesting but sometimes I am weary of 'internet' facts.

As far as Wikipedia... I still have doubts about something that allows anyone to edit it's facts.

Times are a changin'

mzchief said...

I am just not that into FaceBook and never really did get the MySpace craze. As for Twitter...I just am not that interesting to have something to tweet about every hour of the day. When I am doing something interesting, I am too busy/occupied to tweet. employees

People can make all the highfalutin claims they want about wiki but teachers/professors/lawyers/judges/doctors do not allow it to be sited as a source.

As for 1 in 6 people meeting their spouse via social networking. We have yet to see the long-term divorce rate of those Interweb hook-ups.

As for depending on customer reviews; I am suspect of some of those because I know for a fact that some business owners pay their employees for give glowing reviews for their goods and services. I also know for a fact that fired employees make a habit of giving bad reviews as a form of payback.

There is very little on the Interweb that I trust to be what it appears.