Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Thoughts written Sunday Night

  • The 5k went pretty well. I was surprised by the number of people that showed up.
  • My nephew started out running with me and I made him keep my pace for the first mile and half to keep him from sprinting and using all his energy at once. After about half way through I let him do his once pace.
  • He finished a minute before me. I now regret making him run my pace. He might have done even better.
  • At the last 1/2 mile of the race I got the sudden urge to tinkle. Do you have any idea how hard it is to run and hold in your bladder? I slowed down and walked a fast walk until the urge passed. While walking the girl in my age group that got 3rd place passed me. I placed 4th in my age group. Nice.
  • My time was 29: something. Not bad for me...but I could have done better!!!
  • My brother and grandparents waited at the finish line for us to finish....they didn't see him finish because they figured I would finish first. They saw me finish but not little nephew.
  • I have been more tired this weekend than I have ever been in my life. I'm still tired right now and I slept in this morning (wasn't up that late), took a nap this afternoon and it's 8:24pm..I could go to sleep right now.
  • I even took a nap after the race yesterday.
  • I am waiting on 17 again to download so I can watch it with my little girls.
  • I think this Thanksgiving is their time to spend with their dad. If that is really the case, then I'm about to go through depression.
  • My family typically goes to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. I miss my girls even more when they don't go with. I'm seriously debating making the trip if I don't have them. I'm not sure what my grandparents would say to that.
  • There is also a 10k that I like to run up there. It's a very pretty run annnnd I placed in my age group the first time I ran and my mother has signed up for it this year.
  • 16 minutes of movie downloading from itunes.
  • I'm wondering if I'll make it through the movie.
  • I watched Bad Reputation earlier...that was the worst movie I have ever ever ever seen in my life. WORST. I'm still wondering why the heck I sat through all of it. It was a free movie. Horrible.
  • I did family photo for some dear friends today. They have the cutest kids! I never noticed but the mom mentioned that dad smiles like Elvis. When I looked back at all the pics, I noticed that he does. Made me laugh.
  • Good Night. Wait....this is getting posted Monday morning. Good morning.


Anonymous said...

Do you just take pics of your friends and family? If not where can we see some of your work and get some info?

mzchief said...

As for your precious ones being MIA on the "official" Thanksgiving does not mean, you as the adult in charge, cannot reassign "Thanksgiving" to the Saturday PRIOR to the bogus/second Thanksgiving they will be sharing with their father. Make ALL the typical Thanksgiving trappings on the Saturday prior so, in their minds and yours, you will have shared the REAL Thanksgiving with them. Invite their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends to your Saturday Thanksgiving. On the Thanksgiving the girls spend with their father you will be able to hang out with friends, serve at a shelter or veg-out and enjoy the day rather than miss your girls and feel like you missed the holiday. I have a couple of friends who have done this for the past few decades, for all the holidays including Christmas and Easter, and it has worked out incredibly well for them and their children. One added plus is that their children never thought their parent was missing out on the holiday because they already had their Thanksgiving, Christmas, Yom Kippur and the like.

mzchief said...

Go to Arkansas. Why should your Arkansas family have to miss out on your girls AND YOU just because your girls have other plans? Are you going to stop sharing holidays with your extended family when your girls grow up and decide to spend holidays elsewhere?

Making your daughters the seat of your happiness thus making them responsible for your happiness is a VERY heavy burden to put on your little girls.