Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Lunch Quickie

  • I went home a smidge early from work yesterday feeling icky sick to my little tummy and completely exhausted. I'm feeling better today but not quite 100%.
  • I guess its good timing to not feel well when I already have a yearly check up scheduled at the doctor's office.
  • I'm getting my cholesterol checked again too...which was high-ish last time. Dang herediatary genes! Thanks, Mom and Dad. 
  • "Unfriending" is now a word in the oxford dictionary. If they haven't already, they need to add frienemy, because I like that word (and not because Paris Hilton used it).
  • In January I am officially going to Costa Rica for a week.  That's just a little over a month away. I am extremely excited! Please, please, please let me see spider monkeys!
  • I also have some friends flying in Thursday evening from New Jersey. Woo hoo! They are getting a personal tour of Dallas/Fort Worth/Decatur. I'm sooo making reservations at Frilly's for Friday night supper.
  • Ok, maybe Frilly's isn't on the list.
  • Friday morning Mimosas will be on the list, though. I'm pretty sure that's a Texan thang, ain't it?
  • MzChief made a very good suggestion for the holiday scheduling with my young ens'. If I don't have them on Thanksgiving Day doesn't mean I can't have a Thanksgiving Dinner before they go or when they get back.
  • I'm still trying to decide on the extended family trip....which is next week, so I guess I better hurry up and decide.
  • I guess the one good thing (trying to look on the bright side) of the kids being with Baby Daddy is that I won't be paying daycare for them on Monday and Tuesday when they are out of school. So, I'd save a little moula....and I'd save the argument from the older one who is fairly certain she is too old for daycare. 
  • My sink at home erupted last week by springing a leak or two from the old, old, old pipes and the just as old faucet. My awesome plumber came out and replaced the pipes and advised to replace the faucet. Ugh...replacing a faucet isn't exactly easy work. I won't question his hourly rate on the bill.
  • This last weekend I went to downtown Fort Worth to goof off and ate some Mexican Food down there. At one point I looked around the restuarant and realized I was the blondest person in the joint. I'm not sure what made me think to notice in the first place and I kinda wonder why I never noticed before.
  • If I ever become a celebrity, like a supermodel or an actress, I'll probably keep blogging. I know you would miss my insightful, deep thoughts too much.
  • Yesterday's "pic me up" was probably my favorite. Whew...triple hot.
  • Yee-haw. Back to work, ya'll.


Anonymous said...

Luv the pic from yesterday :) Missed one for today ;(

Anonymous said...

My cholesterol is fine. You'll need a better reason.

Love, Mom

Kat said...

Mother I don't believe you. My big brother said it was all your fault. He also called you short. (I wouldn't take that if I were you.)

Oh and did I tell you I love you today?

Anonymous said...

Went to CR this past summer. Very cool. Went to Manual Antonio and saw a monkey fight, where the whiteface monkeys were trying to kill the baby howler monkey that was riding on its Mom's back. Epic battle that will probably be written up on wikipedia for historic purposes. We were told the most common monkeys were white faced and howler and it was difficult to get a look at spider monkeys in the wild.

Monkey guy aka Football guru