Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

  • I took a ton of pics this weekend between the rehearsal, the wedding and the reception.
  • I had already taken a ton of pics for the engagement photos and the bridal shoot.
  • BTW....gorgeous bride! (Groom is my bff and knows more about me than anyone.) They are a wonderful match. The photography was my gift to them. I love them both.
  • Today, my little bitty baby, turned a big seven years old. Wow. I feel old. It feels like it was just.....seven years ago that she was still in my belly.
  • We had her birthday party at Days Inn on Sunday afternoon. How fun is a swimming party for a November baby?
  • Well, it would be if the dang water wasn't 50 something degrees....and let me tell ya...Days Inn SUCKS!!!! Yep...I am soooo griping up a storm later. BIG TIME.
  • I made the on-duty clerk put his hand in the water and tell me if he would swim in that pool. He wouldn't answer.
  • I was not happy.
  • My brother starts work today. YEA!!!!!
  • Next task....rent houses. Oh yea, I'm gettin' my space back. Woo hoo!
  • Don't get me wrong, I love my brother and his kiddos to pieces...but I haven't gotten to walk around my own house in my superman under-roos in forever.
  • I'm a little worried about my sweet pea, little puppy. She's buried herself a huge hole under my deck and she is very protective of it.
  • If I come home to find a bunch of baby puppies.....I'm running and screaming!!!
  • I'm not sure I can handle "dealing" with another issue this month.
  • Wanna see me go insane?
  • I'm worn. It's only Tuesday.

PS. My brother just said: "I sure hope they look like Mallie, I wanna keep one."
PSS When you see the video I post later....yep...I'm sooooo hooking her up with him! :-)

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