Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

  • By the time these thoughts post, I'll be a the doctor's office visiting the vampires taking my blood. A little blood test never hurt anybody, right?
  • Right?
  • Why are you sitting there staring blankly at me in silence? Just tell me it will all be ok and I'll stop whining.
  • I wish I could explain in words the bruises I get. They look terrible. Yucky. Embarrassing. Icky. I should probably check with the doctor to see if it could be The Plague.
  • Actually, its probably my iron, as I've troubled with that plenty of times before.
  • That or The Plague.
  • Anywho. I had an urge to kiss the Baby Daddy yesterday evening.
  • I would like to state for the will be with me Thanksgiving with the extended family!! Woo Hoo!!!! Yeppers....with me!!! Yea!!!
  • Me = Estatic
  • Basically, we are trading weekends and I'm dealing with the out of school issue for Monday and Tuesday. Fair trade....very fair trade.
  • My brother will most likely have all of his kiddos together too. I foresee a photo opp.
  • I realized tonight that Dirk Nowitzki is eight years younger than me. That struck me as odd. I'm not sure why, but it did.
  • I gave up on the sink. My favorite plumber is coming back today.
  • I hid the cheesecake this time, in my stomach. Now, if he'll pretty please help himself to the Halloween candy I would greatly appreciate it. In fact, I wonder if he'll take pounds of candy as payment for his services.
  • Yea, probably not.
  • Speaking of services, if you are interested in my photo skills, send me an email at and I will direct you to another website where I store all my photos. To answer the question, I don't just do photography for friends and family. I am available for hire.

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mzchief said...

Congratulations for getting to share the holiday with your children. Bigger congrats for being the type of parent to whom it matters that you get to share the holiday with your children.