Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lunchtime Quickie

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it. Good luck.
I'm getting hit hard by comment spam...and it's getting hard to figure out which are real and which are spam.
I don't understand the ones in foreign languages.
Speaking of foreign languages....this is insanely horrible.
I'm getting grilled by my older kid over whether or not the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are real. She keeps asking for details concerning Santa Claus too.
I'm still bummed for her (and she is too) over her missing the school day last week for sickness thus ruining her perfect attendance for the year.
The little kids keeps eating my breakfast food. Hey! Mommy is dieting! (I guess I shouldn't gripe if she's choosing carrots and grapes over candy or chips.)
Guess what I did last night..go ahead...guess...give up yet? Ok, I'll tell ya...I mowed. I mowed after I changed the spark plug in my mower. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but I'm a chick and am not mechnically in tune with....well, anything mechnical.
I honestly asked someone if the Go Kart has a spark plug too. I might have been laughed at.
Mowing my lawn (even if it may be mostly weeds) made me smile BIG time. I think all the fresh air, sunlight and moving around made me feel really good today.
Mouse Thoughts:
I received mucho comments about the mouse....and now I'm scared. I didn't consider the possibility of that mouse bringing in baby mice.
One commenter's guess was right, I couldn't bring myself to killing the mouse with my hands or with a trap, BUT if my choice is kill it by a trap, poison or any other method as opposed to it having babies in my house. Ok...let the slaughter begin. We shall shed blood tonight. (or just put out poisoness stuff cause seeing a slaughtered mouse would make me cry.)
I took a tour of my new neighbor's home last night. It's very cute on the inside.....much cuter than I imagined. I now dislike my house just a smidge more. I love the lot I'm on, the backyard, and the neighborhood (except for the donkeys). But I have a pier and beam house. I can't stand the pier and beam. Why was it necessary to make houses on pier and beam? Whose bright idea was that anyway?
PLEASE let West Virginia win!! I don't care what else happens...i just need West Virginia to win overall and I'm good. Right now I'm sitting 4th out of 224 with my bracket thingie....but if West Virginia wins, then I'm 2nd. There's no prize for second in the tourney I entered, but bragging rights to having finished that well would be prize enough. 1st place gets a $150 gift card to Stagecoach Inn in Bridgeport.......YUM! I've eaten there. It's VERY good food annnd the service is top notch. Trust me, I've looked over the bracket that's gonna win (assuming West Virginia wins) a zillion times just hoping to find a scenerio that would put me as the winner. Nothing. They will beat me by 4 points. FOUR points kept me from a big ole' steak, a hot potato, warm, soft bread, fresh salad, beans.......
I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds.I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds.I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds.I've lost eight pounds. I've lost eight pounds.
**I'm not bragging....I'm just hoping if I tell myself that over and over then the Stagecoach craving will subside.

Maybe I could just settle for a cookie. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ok, if you just put out poison for the mouse not only will he/she die a slow death, they will likely end up in a wall where you will smell it for days!:) The trap is more humane.

Anonymous said...

You can get a live trap and let it go far far far from your house. They have some that are sticky on top and they stick to them when they run over them. Just listen for it and get a shoe box when you hear it trying to get away. Sweep it into the shoe box sticky trap and all. It will get away if you dont get it. Take it some where to let it go. (It will manage to get off the trap on its own so you can toss it with the mouse)

mzchief said...

Look at yourself in the mirror, of course Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny are REAL. SC, TF, and EB are real and will always be with us because there is goodness and love in the world.

Here is a Humane Mousetrap. You can catch and release the wee bugger.

Congrats on the weight loss. Eight pounds might as well be a ton when it is lost weight. Keep up the good work

AnObiter said...

Dear gawd, I'm so tired of those Japanese "commentors" too! They have an awful lot to say, don't they? ;)

mouse problem said...

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